Service host diagnostic policy service

pv-12, Jul 24, 8:29pm
Anyone noticed an increased CPU and ram usage in the latest Win 10 build.
It's continually using 10-15% CPU and 3300+MB of ram.
Rebooting makes no difference.
Not causing performance issues but seems a little excessive to me.

nice_lady, Jul 24, 9:02pm
Nothing keeps my CPU at those levels. Not when I'm I'm only browsing anyway.

mark.p, Jul 24, 9:10pm
Run your task manager to see what processes are running.

suicidemonkey, Jul 24, 9:18pm
Check which processes are actually using the CPU/RAM.
10-15% CPU and 3GB of RAM sounds pretty normal for a modern OS running your typical programs in the background, especially if your browser is open.

I've had no issues with the latest update.

pv-12, Jul 24, 9:32pm
Sorry I should have been clearer, It is only the "service host diagnostic policy service" that I am referring to. Not the sum of all processes. My ram usage is normally around 4-6 Gb, it's sitting at 9 because of this.

mark.p, Oct 7, 5:18pm

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