Vodafone broadband free upgrade to VDSL

popsie2, Feb 4, 1:25pm
Hi. Can anyone help. Got sent a new modem to upgrade for free to VDSL. Says i have to do this before 8 Feb .If i try and do this is there going to be extra cost to my plan .? I just dont believe there is no extra cost.

r.g.nixon, Feb 4, 1:26pm
There will be no extra cost.

nice_lady, Feb 4, 1:41pm

You'd need to ask your provider. It may after all be a 'free upgrade' that's to say no cost to 'upgrade' but greater cost to USE thereafter ? Very unlikely and anyway you would definitely have gotten something in writing about this by email or snailmail.

intrade, Feb 4, 3:41pm
smallprint probably states 24 month on new modem you dont normally get a new modem without some hooks is what i know.
i signed up 24 month on slingshot with modem as they where the cheapest and i can only get adsl1 hardly anyone does adsl1 and analog phone in one packet. So they where the best for me.

mrsvonflik, Feb 4, 3:59pm
Signed up for new modem & upgrade with Vodafone have been sent 2 x modems my address not my name.Courier tried to deliver a third modem on Friday.Rang Vodafone to request postie bag to return extra modem.Postie bag too small it didn't fit.After 59 minutes waiting to find out when my upgrade would be done. I gave up.

gpg58, Feb 4, 4:43pm
Save any emails you have, you may need them to argue your bill, i did.
Changed to them from xtra asdl, was offered a great deal, free home phone, unlimited vdsl at less than i was paying for 5g, and free modem and sure signal unit, connection etc, but got charged for every item, plus plan invoiced at 50% more than quoted.
Took weeks of emails and eventually an official complaint against sales team titled "vodaphony" to get it sorted.

ianab, Feb 4, 7:12pm
The catch is, you sign up for a new contract for X months. From the ISPs point of view, they send you a ~$100 router, and they have you as a customer for the next 24 months. So they get their $$ back and more. (bet they buy them in bulk or $50)

So if you are happy with them as an ISP, don't intend to switch, then get the upgrade and a better connection.

If you want to swap, then shop around. Most other ISPs will give you a similar offer now that VDSL is available to your address.

Your ISP is just trying to pre-empt another ISP from selling you the upgrade, and they loose you as a customer.

masturbidder, Feb 4, 9:47pm
Slingshot is doing the VDSL upgrade for free, and supplying the new modem on a rent-free loan. The monthly charge is the same.

aktow, Feb 6, 8:12pm
there is no extra cost, i checked with vodafone before i took up the deal,, you will be happy with the deal because vdsl is so much faster,,, i was getting around 19mbps download (adsl) 2 -5mbps upload and it went up to around 82-86mbps download (vdsl) ,, if you are not on an unlimited plan then check if the $79 unlimited plan is still available,

aktow, Feb 6, 8:31pm
my first vdsl bill from vodafone was wrong,, i was charged $125 instead of $79 .what was really annoying was waiting on hold and then the person you spoke to (sales) say,, oh that is not my department , i will transfer you too promotion department and then you wait again,

bryshaw, Feb 7, 2:32pm
They came out terrible in the latest survey.

gpg58, Feb 7, 3:14pm
Just helped out a neighbour today, who has been sent a new model router, (to replace old white version), but could not get wifi to connect.
Got zero help from the totally un-understandable Asian on vodos help line, after an hour of waiting, so wondered if i could have a go.
So i tried entering password 5 times(with correct lower and upper case and numbers,she triple checked and read out) , but got "wrong password", and once "unable to connect at this time messages".
So tried wps button, and no luck still. But unlike stuff in the old days (one try is enough / trying same again is stupid), second try it connected. Very frustrating stuff, all things computing to us oldish folk.

comsolve, Feb 7, 8:42pm
Filipinos getting paid ~?

floydbloke, Feb 4, 1:16am
Wow! Paltry pay and 55 hour weeks.
Yet they?

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