Suddenly lost internet on Ipad, yet still ok on Page 2 / 2

omaria, Feb 1, 6:53pm
yes, its my email address.

lythande1, Feb 1, 7:07pm
Do what I said. Ring them and get them to change your password. Check by logging in to webmail BEFORE you hang up.
Then do what else I said.

Sorry, I used to be a tech, now I am not.
I found too many people didn't like the idea of paying for repairs etc and expected you to do all sorts forever after, related to the original problem or not, anything you did fix, further (unrelated) issues were of course, always your fault.

nice_lady, Feb 1, 7:07pm
Ok that's good but there MUST be an issue with passwords. Sound's like you are fairly confused with that anyway as you said:

which is a bit of a confused ramble.

Especially when you say " By now I have so many passwords I don't even know whats what anymore."

Your email will only have ONE password that works. You need to sort that out with xtra/spark once and for all. If you have changed the password at some stage then your ipad will NOT log in afterward unless you update the stored password on that to the same as the new one.

nice_lady, Feb 1, 7:08pm
Agree with all of that !

omaria, Feb 1, 7:13pm
Why is it that I can get to my emails on my Ipad but not my laptop? I get so confused.

spyware, Feb 1, 7:37pm
Most likely confusing the mySpark password (which you use when you sign in with your email address) with the actual email password. They are two different things.

spyware, Feb 1, 7:58pm
Then what happens is if you have the browser (Google Chrome) store the webmail credentials then the browser will present same credentials for mySpark (given they can be different passwords you then won't be able to log in) as both are domain.

emmerson1, Feb 1, 8:01pm
In some of the postings there are hints of Caps Lock issues as well. I have all my passwords on my phone ( supposedly securely), and my wife uses a notebook.

If you have the passwords yourself, then you could try clearing the browser's memory to make sure it isn't filling in the forms incorrectly.

spyware, Feb 1, 8:42pm
She obviously isn't changing the email password as email still works on iPad. So she is changing the mySpark password. In may case I use different credentials for both logins. Login page presented implies to use "Spark ID" for either yet not explained that Sparks backend stores both sets of credentials as separate entities.

omaria, Feb 1, 10:27pm
hmmm that sort of makes sense, but how can I fix it. And yes the 4 digit password is a myspark password. But that's what im given. I have always been able to access both ipad and laptop email. what changed?

black-heart, Feb 1, 10:45pm
If the ipad is working without having changed the password. the password for email has not changed.

omaria, Feb 2, 8:41am
yes. but. with all those password changes I cant remember which one it was.

omaria, Feb 2, 12:12pm
Is there a way to find your password on Ipad? If so, how?

shakirafan, Feb 2, 1:17pm
Go to settings and then app and website passwords. Scroll through until you find your email and click on it to see the password.

king1, Feb 3, 2:26pm
know that one well - extending that, you are now there 'friend' and they can ring you up with any and all inane questions that they could have answered quicker with google.

king1, Feb 8, 8:42pm
just log in here with the most recent password - if it works great, if it doesn't Reset it. THEN update any and all email programs/apps you use on all devices

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