Suddenly lost internet on Ipad, yet still ok on Page 1 / 2

omaria, Jan 31, 5:49pm
My laptop is still ok. Same home, same system, always worked ok.
Now im stuck because I cannot receive emails on laptop but can on
Ipad. Well I could till it told me I have no internet connection. Someone
please help!

nice_lady, Jan 31, 6:04pm
Now your'e being confusing
Firstly you say
"lost internet on ipad"
then you say
"cannot receive emails on laptop but can on Ipad"

sooooo ?

suicidemonkey, Jan 31, 6:23pm
Yar I'm also confused.

Start with the basics - have you restarted the iPad?

omaria, Jan 31, 6:30pm
yes restarted it a few times.

omaria, Jan 31, 6:33pm
Sorry if its confusing, my ipad was the only means of getting to my emails but now that I am disconnected from the internet, according to the message, I am stuck.

nice_lady, Jan 31, 6:40pm
why on earth cant you get emails on your laptop ?
who's your email provider ?

thecoolshop, Jan 31, 7:05pm

omaria, Jan 31, 7:08pm
Spark. No matter what password they Give me iTS rejected Every time so i gave up. iPad Seems to have its OWN password which works ok.

supernova2, Jan 31, 7:28pm
Have you got the "old" password saved into your internet browser? It might be that your laptop is trying to use the stored password rather than whatever you are trying to input.

black-heart, Jan 31, 7:28pm
only one password works. Theres no technical fix for not knowing the correct password.

supernova2, Jan 31, 7:31pm
Next problem is why wont the ipad connect to the internet? I don't know enough about what process an ipad uses to select the connection etc to be able to help but others on here will know what combinations of swipes and pressing you need to do.

black-heart, Jan 31, 7:47pm
go to settings (grey gear) and wifi, it will be onscreen as to whether its connected and the wifi names it can see.

omaria, Jan 31, 7:54pm
I Got iT fixed thanks. Turned of the WiFi machine thing and restarted iT.
Thanks everyone. I know i am Just an old lady not very Clued up on All this modern hooha.

omaria, Jan 31, 7:55pm
isnt my password supposed to work on both computers?

black-heart, Jan 31, 10:12pm
your singular correct password will work from any device. Unless I read your message wrong, you were saying the saved password on the ipad was working to receive/send email. Where the laptop where you typed in a new password it was not. So it follows the two passwords are not the same. Are you using outlook by chance ?

omaria, Jan 31, 10:17pm
I think so. But struggling with All this password stuff Being rejected again and again. The helpdesk tell me there is a problem with my laptop but i dont believe that to be the case. Every person on there i speak to tells me something different. Soooooo frustrating.

nzdoug, Jan 31, 10:43pm
Write down your passwords,

omaria, Jan 31, 11:03pm
I did but it makes no difference, my ipad is ok but my laptop will just not let me use the password and the helpdesk is no help?

lythande1, Feb 1, 7:41am
So am I, but I had a career in IT, stop perpetuating the myth that being an older female makes you incapable of learning.

Check ALL the settings on your laptop for the email. Incoming, outgoing, the lot.
Ensure it is identical to what you have on the ipad.
Then get Spark to change your password, Enter the new one you choose, on both ipad and laptop.
Problem solved.

nice_lady, Feb 1, 8:06am
+1 for all of that.

omaria, Feb 1, 8:20am
thanks for that Lythande but I cannot get to the settings because as soon as I sign in for the startpage to email (via google) it gives me a business pages for spark.
I see that you are in Waitakere too, if you are available some time to come and show me I am happy to pay you for your time.

nice_lady, Feb 1, 8:31am
If you are trying to collect/view your emails on the laptop through the spark internet page there will be NO 'settings' you need to do anything with EXCEPT for the password. Thus if you know the password your ipad uses then it MUST work on the laptop.

You need to use the whole user name Ie: as your 'user name' and of course the password. IF for some reason it says 'wrong password' try a different browser.

You don't say what browser your'e using but modern windows computers have both Microsoft Edge and Ms Internet explorer installed and you can install Google chrome, Firefox and any of the other available browsers if you wish. Logging into your extra mail should be easy enough.

Use the following address to log in
remember to use '' as the user name, (without the quote marks)
And your CORRECT password.

nice_lady, Feb 1, 8:33am
Give it a go now for us
If you get a sign in error please let us know what that error says - EXACTLY.

omaria, Feb 1, 4:26pm
Uh oh. Your password, or username, is incorrect. Please try again. Forgot password or username? Find it now

I click on find it now and it gives me another window, it asks my email address, I type it in and it directs me to the help desk, done that many times already and they all say something different. By now I have so many passwords I don't even know whats what anymore.
They also texted me a 4 digit number but that also gives me the same answer.
Sorry delay been at work all day.

nice_lady, Feb 1, 5:07pm
so if you're so sure you are inputting the correct password how are you inputting the user name ?

something like: ?

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