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treens2, May 14, 4:52pm
on my laptop,was there when I purchased laptop,keeps asking me renew subscription,I would like to install a free anti virus system on my laptop,my query is can I install another system while norton is there,also would like your thoughts re a good free anti virus,many thanks

nice_lady, May 14, 4:58pm
Do NOT install two antivirus programs at the same time.
Read the following about the antivirus program already built into Windows 10 - oh and it works ok.


Just uninstall Norton.

suicidemonkey, May 14, 7:38pm

spyware, May 14, 7:52pm

nice_lady, May 14, 8:39pm
Rofl Norton is Loved.

chnman, May 14, 10:28pm
Assuming you have Windows 10, you could just use Windows Defender which will already be on the laptop. After uninstalling Norton, this should be enabled and active. After uninstalling Norton, even if you have done so already, run the Norton Removal Tool (link below), as it tidies up a bit more.


I have sometimes liked the free version of avast antivirus, but it does keep trying to upgrade you to a paid version, giving you trials and even telling you there's temp files etc found and when you go to clean them, it wants you to pay for other software or upgrade.

chnman, May 14, 10:29pm
I used to love Norton, but the support went backwards and buggy updates caused me to give it up.

rohoman, May 20, 1:21pm
I've been doing IT support for many years, and I have lost count of how many machines I have taken Norton products OFF because they don't work or they hog the system resources and slow the machine down. In addition, many Norton products take control of the computer and won't allow you to do the things you want to do. How they still sell stuff is beyond me.

nice_lady, May 20, 3:38pm
Advertising, instore promotion, ignorance and sales commissions ! Easy really.

Oh and a biggie; Getting pre-installed on new machines - then the sucker, (buyer/owner), who often knows no better just goes on to pay to keep it going once the trial ends. Great idea.

gibler, May 20, 8:49pm

king1, May 20, 9:26pm

wendalls, May 22, 9:10pm
Well that's me too. it just expired. at least it was a freebie. Iv been worrying for nothing. Will uninstall!

hakatere1, May 23, 4:39am
Yes. I remember your one man Norton crusades. I use Panda version 15.0.4 myself. Find it excellent on win7. When I was on w10, I just used the built in av, but went back to w7. I'll bet Bill Gates is kicking himself for making such a great OS as w7.

black-heart, May 23, 9:47am
In the late 90's early 2000's I thoroughly enjoyed showing people with infected computers that nortons was crap.

nice_lady, May 23, 9:56am
Lol Hubby had similar fun.
People were often shocked that the antivirus program that they had paid substantial money for was so bad.

ceebee2, May 23, 2:13pm

Download the Norton removal tool to remove all the crap they install.

w.o.p, May 25, 8:34pm
Anti-virus. so 2000's

you need to move with the times software solutions are not the solution any more. only had to do a sweep once since i upgraded my modem/filter


johotech, May 25, 8:59pm
Ok that looks interesting.
But if I spend more than 2 minutes looking at a product and it doesn't tell me how or where to buy it, or how much it costs, then it seems like I'm wasting my time.

king1, May 25, 9:13pm
gotta love that new toy euphoria.

black-heart, May 25, 10:59pm
HAHA, ZOMG lol. people fall for this stupid shit? The website looks like a highschool project from the 90's napster logo and all.

king1, May 25, 11:56pm
I was wondering where the heck I'd seen that damn cat

hakkinen, May 26, 1:54am
Is Trend Micro any good?

w.o.p, May 26, 11:02am
If you know tech then you will know its the real deal. but by your comment i guess you know nothing

w.o.p, May 26, 11:03am
I emailed them but think they have another www site

king1, May 26, 12:11pm
upgraded your modem/filter?

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