peanuts37, Jun 23, 3:28pm
Had a Sony smart TV repaired under warranty, everything good. On picking up TV was given a 'how did we go' leaflet. So impressed with service thought I would complete survey at Can not find online survey at that address or anywhere else on their site. Shame as they did very well. Edit to add just clicked on my link and went straight there. No amount of Googling would find it, interesting.

nice_lady, Jun 23, 4:05pm

ross1970, Jun 23, 4:37pm
Well that was worth a thread.

gyrogearloose, Jun 23, 4:43pm
Huh, it works for me. Perhaps you have blocked Try:

peanuts37, Jun 23, 4:54pm
Worth enough for you to take time to read and reply.

ross1970, Jun 23, 8:03pm
Yip, eagerly awaiting chapter:
"You won't believe what happened when I hit Submit . "

peanuts37, Oct 31, 8:45pm
Use your imagination and write the next chapter yourself if can't wait.

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