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coolcort, Feb 27, 5:22pm
Computer wont boot up just vertical coloured lines on screen cant get to Windows what to do next ?

..pip.., Feb 27, 5:26pm
Are there any beeps when trying to boot?

trade_menow, Feb 27, 5:30pm
soak in cold water overnight , rinse and dry in the morning and try again

coolcort, Feb 27, 5:31pm
No just vertical bars and wont go any further it is Windows 10 but wont progress to it .

nice_lady, Feb 27, 5:35pm
try wiggling the cable from the computer to the monitor - assuming it has one as you haven't stated whether it's a destop, (traditional), laptop, or all in one, or god knows what ?

coolcort, Feb 27, 5:37pm
Think the cold water would really finish it off, it has no DVD drive so cant restore disc it. Is an ex gaming computer and fairly powerful & fast to use when working.

trade_menow, Feb 27, 5:38pm
just another noob not putting in specifics - makes it hard to offer advice eh

coolcort, Feb 27, 5:39pm
Sorry tower traditional computer .

trade_menow, Feb 27, 5:42pm
oh thats helpfull

king1, Feb 27, 5:50pm
video cable or graphics chip gone kaput or maybe a bad memory stick.

ideally you would want another computer /laptop to plug into the monitor to test. or another monitor to try on the computer

coolcort, Feb 27, 5:53pm
Aerocool case, off & 2 speed fan not sure of the specs.

coolcort, Feb 27, 5:56pm
Think i read on search on vertical lines was possible graphics chip gone so probably correct.

coolcort, Feb 27, 5:59pm
Im on the same monitor at present but will try another small one on the failing computer.

nice_lady, Feb 27, 6:02pm
Try wiggling the cable. Or another cable. If the graphics card has died then it's likely to be making a continuous Beeeeepppp.

Are you getting any beeps ?

coolcort, Feb 27, 6:06pm
No beeps at all.

nice_lady, Feb 27, 6:09pm

have you tried a different cable ?
a different monitor ?
Or that monitor on a different computer ?

Process of elimination.

..pip.., Feb 27, 6:37pm
Don't be a kcoc! Not everyone knows what information is needed.

coolcort, Feb 28, 8:32am
Hi tried different monitor, both work on both computers managed to get to troubleshooting and tried things there but still two wide vertical coloured lines some of the advanced repair options tock an hour but at the end the same.

king1, Feb 28, 9:05am
what are the results? the purpose of trying another monitor is to eliminate the monitor as the problem and/or prove that it is definitely the computer. 'both work on both computers ' says nothing about the colored lines on one or the other.

moltenfire, Feb 28, 10:34am
Make sure there are no knots in any of the cables - esp the mains one as it could be restricting the current flow to the PC.

coolcort, Feb 28, 10:02pm
The results as i said both monitors work perfectly on ok computer both show vertical lines ect on problem computer.cables are fine for both computers.

nice_lady, Mar 1, 6:35am
ok so you might need to purchase an add on video card. You need to identify what spare expansion slots you have on that motherboard. I'm assuming that you are currently using an 'onboard' graphics chip, (built onto the motherboard), ?

king1, Mar 1, 8:14am
if it is an add on video card then sometimes there is also an internal video port on the motherboard not in use that can be utilised. That being the case you would probably just need to remove the addon card and load drivers for the internal video card

pattym1, Mar 2, 1:41pm
just another smart ass tech nerd who thinks they know everything.

mcarky, Mar 5, 4:10pm
Coolcort were you doing an up date just prior to the boot up problem?

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