Closing file going back 2 steps HELP

3amigoes, Jul 26, 7:40am
When we are in outlook or internet and use either the back button or x to close down a screen it sometimes (now more often than not) closes the application down completely. What have I done? How can I fix?

nice_lady, Jul 26, 7:49am
X closes the application unless the application is coded to continue running and the X simply removes it from view.

Outlook - Microsoft Outlook, the email program which is part of Microsoft Office, (NOT Outlook online which simply is web page based email access), closes when the X is clicked as do most other programs/apps. It doesn't have a 'back' button. If you use the 'back ' button on Outlook online mail then you will go 'back' to whatever previous page you had open.

3amigoes, Jul 26, 3:48pm
Thanks for your response. What I was meaning in regards to the Outlook side of things is that I open a email and normally the cross would take me back to the main outlook menu when other emails are. In most instances now when I do this it closed down outlook completely. The back button is used when on the internet.

kew, Jul 26, 6:45pm
It looks like it might be a problem with your mouse. Try another mouse to see if that fixes it.

king1, Oct 5, 11:58pm
could be, i have seen a old broken mouse that pushes out a double click even though you only physically click it once.
If both windows are maximised it will close both of them.

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