Oddball slow down on a specific website

mrfxit, Aug 23, 9:50am
Win7, 3rd gen, 4gb, ssd, 2gb Nvidia video, various browsers.
Install is only about 6mths old & recently FB pages bog down progressively more, the further down you scroll.
Hit refresh & it's all good again till you scroll down a few sections.

All other websites are fine & scroll to your hearts content
Video streaming is fine, so thats all good for the car porn.
Updates all good/ video drivers stripped out due to upgrading video drivers not fixing it & latest available version installed now.
Effects all browsers

king1, Aug 23, 9:56am
malware scan?
whats the memory and disk activity doing at the time?
network drivers update?
try a different dns server
you could try something like facebook purity and see if that helps, might also be informative as to where the problem lies

mrfxit, Aug 23, 10:05am
No sign of any bugs
Affects all browsers on FB but all other websites etc/ video streaming is fine.
Also just changed fiber router but this was happening before that change & still after.
Same sites & browsers are used on a similar computer at work & it's not an issue.
Cpu usage is medium to minimal even with that slowdown

Only really odd thing is that the video card will only accept a driver about 3 versions back, nothing forward.
But again, ONLY FB is effected.

In summery.
Video streaming is fine (even directly on FB)
All browsers the same for FB
Cpu etc medium to minimal usage.
All other websites fine.
No known bug infections.
CCleaner used recently after this started & after driver updates etc.
Router changed after this started

thymewarp, Aug 23, 10:18am
Facebook has been doing that for a month or two. its probably following chromes initiative and phoning home to 23675 galaxies and stopping the page from scrolling

king1, Aug 23, 10:25am
Given its affecting all browsers suggests a system level problem, i'd say this one is really a process of elimination.

Its not likely to be the facebook site (everyone would be having the same problem) so it must be something your end, i'd be trying different internet connection, maybe hotspot it if wireless, different DNS etc just to eliminate as a possibility.

i imagine the sheer number of connections a site like facebook makes could have an impact so any weakness in the network adapters drivers etc might make it choke. plus the usual reset winsock, tcp etc

Security software could be making it choke so uninstall any.

unlikely but you could clear the cache for it, easiest way for a particular site is open dev tools (ctrl shft I in Chrome) then r/click the reload/refresh button -> "Empty cache and hard reload"

king1, Aug 23, 10:32am
actually a google would suggest its quite a common problem so maybe it is FB site under certain conditions

mrfxit, Aug 23, 11:32am
Yea maybe incompatible with specific firewalls/ video drivers/ network drivers etc etc & any one or a few.

Wife is in FB a lot on her similar computer & hasn't mentioned the problem.
I don't get it at work either & thats on wireless.
Will try incognito mode on the browsers & see what happens.

mrfxit, Aug 25, 8:19am
Mmm, incognito mode takes the lag away.
So, it's clearly something that FB is loading but for whatever reason, my computer isn't blocking that specific hungry part & yet the other computers are dealing with it ok . ?

king1, Aug 25, 9:33am
i'd be inclined to look at your browser extensions then

mrfxit, Aug 25, 10:57am
Mmmmm now thats an interesting thought, as far as I can remember, the browsers are all OEM std.
Will cross check later.
Is there any possible Win7 Pro system settings that could interfere like that with the entire browser system

If that fails, then will have to bite the bullet & uninstall/Ccleaner & reinstall all the browsers

nice_lady, Aug 25, 2:21pm
huh ?
Chuck a VM onto the machine and try a 'virgin' browser ?

king1, Aug 25, 2:24pm
or opera portable maybe

king1, Aug 25, 2:27pm
why not upgrade it to 10, reasonable chance that might fix the problem

nice_lady, Aug 25, 2:43pm
Yeah any portable browser.

mrfxit, Aug 25, 3:34pm
Why? , when all my other computers on Win7 are ok

mrfxit, Sep 18, 3:43am
Already been proven it's something that is loading on a std browser but not loading on a bare browser.

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