How to get an old cell phone going?

stefan123, Jun 28, 11:38am
Hi. I'm ignorant about cell phones and need some help. A relative has an old sony ericsson W508 phone that they gave me as they don't use it. It is flat with no charger so just ordered a charger. Figured I could use it as a Walkman if not as a phone, anyway.

What do I need to do to get it working for texting? I'm looking for the cheapest option, so more interested in something like buy as I use rather than a monthly plan type thing. Can someone please tell me what I need to do, where I need to go to get the thing working?

Thanks for any help.

boby11, Jun 28, 11:51am
If its only 2G then its of no use nowdays

nice_lady, Jun 28, 12:04pm
How much was the charger ?

A cheap 'smartphone' can be purchased for as little as $30 new. And it would probably be better specced and useable on the phone network than the one you've just acquired.

nice_lady, Jun 28, 12:05pm
hmm apparently it can use some 3g bands

nice_lady, Jun 28, 12:07pm
Oh and you'll probably find if it's that old, (these phones were initially released in 2009), that the battery is buggered anyway.

To be honest, even trying to use that as any kind of walkman would be painful it only holds 100Mb internally. That's about 30Mp3's if it'll even play them.

stefan123, Jun 28, 12:13pm
charger was $10 incl. shipping. Okay, thanks for the replies and the information.

boby11, Jun 28, 12:26pm
Get a $15 vodofone one from Countdown, comes with a sim card

csador, Jun 28, 2:35pm
as others have said probably not worth it

tigger8, Jun 29, 6:06am
WOW what a cool phone . Wish they bought out more COOL flip phones

wenpen, Jun 29, 8:15am
Highly likely that phone wont work for long if at all, will need a new battery also, so by the time you get a charger and battery and on a plan you will be spending double to what you could buy a entry level package from the warehouse.

The warehouse will have $29 Nokia phone, buy a $4. sim card and go on the warehouse plan. $39 for a smartphone and a free sim card, all you need is the warehouse monthly plan

If you only want to txt the monthly plan will be about $15-$20 and you can buy a plan from the Warehouse. The staff can set it up for you and you will walk out the door with a working phone on a plan.

nice_lady, Jun 29, 8:52am

Hard to beat $9 per month for unlimited texts, 100 minutes to Oz and Nz, and 250Mb data. Pretty good.

blueviking, Oct 28, 4:47pm
I'm on the warehouse mobile plan and don't use data. It's cost me $25 since November.I've just put my wife on it and we can txt & call each other for free & Australia at the same rates.

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