Recommend a good slide/negative flatbed scanner?

socram, Jul 24, 2:33pm
I have used a Canon 9000f and its predecessor, and can scan two negative strips at a time, or mounted slides.

It has now decided it will only focus properly on film strips when it wants to, but getting worse, otherwise it is fine. Platen no problem, just that it throws a wobbly so one negative may be 100% sharp, and even though it is set to recalibrate on every scan, the next 4 or 5 in the strip, may or may not be in focus, regardless of Dpi settings (normally 2400).

Seems it is not an unknown problem, but I'm fed up of spending ages doing the scans then having to dump them.

As a combination flatbed platen and also slide/negative scanner, it has been excellent when it has worked, but now it is wasting too much of my time and I still have a mountain of stuff to digitise.

Any suggestions? The included software (photo Studio 6) , as with all Canon products has been excellent, so do I just biff the scanner and replace it with another new Canon, or is there now a better alternative?

farwest, Jul 24, 2:37pm

This is the range from 1 supplier. I would be tempted to stick with the Canon - I've been using an 8800f for years.

socram, Oct 8, 7:15am
Yes, I'm, more than happy with Canon products. Over the years, I think I have bought about 7 or 8 digital compact cameras either for myself or family an all have given excellent results.

Seems this focussing problem isn't exactly rare. I think it happened to the previous scanner too.

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