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cassie24, Jul 29, 4:12pm
I see this is asked a lot but I haven't found anything recently that is relevant. I'm after recommendations for laptop to use for study so light, fast, bit of storage and ability to have multiple tabs open at once, will also do the usual video watching, social media etc. I don't really have a budget in mind but don't mind a 2nd hand one. Recommendations please?

nice_lady, Jul 29, 4:19pm
State an approx upper budget or else you'll be wasting peoples time.

cassie24, Jul 29, 4:27pm
Maybe around the $1k mark

nice_lady, Jul 29, 4:46pm
Everyone has their favorites

Heres the result of a search I did at PbTech: If you look on the left hand side of the screen you will see 'filters' I've chosen a few for you . scroll down and click 'more filters' set it up how you want.
These are a bit of a random selection from under $1200

Filtered for Intel i5 & i7 cpu's only, (personal preference),
14" or smaller screen size
16 GB or less of ram

I made no choices with regard to other filters for you. You might want to take into account that there is considerable difference in possible choices when you filter in /out different graphic capabilities in particular.

You should always buy a machine with an SSD hard drive it'll be MUCH superior to use. If you need extra storage buy an external hard drive.

Have a fiddle around with the filters.

Also this site may be of use to you as it has filters and shows results from many retailers:

cassie24, Jul 29, 5:11pm
Thanks nice lady those specs sound around what I was thinking but haven't looked at buying a computer for years and years so haven't really kept up with specs

suicidemonkey, Jul 29, 5:16pm
IMO an i7 CPU and 16GB of RAM is totally overkill for a home laptop that's just used for the basics - you'll never ever notice the benefit.

It's well worth spending the extra money on an SSD instead.

suicidemonkey, Jul 29, 5:32pm
Yep good specs but looks like it's second hand. as long as it comes with a warranty, that would be a good choice.

Edit: Only 4GB of RAM which would be a bit limiting though. Looks like it can be upgraded to 8GB so I'd look at doing that.

cassie24, Jul 29, 5:34pm
I quite like the Levono laptops and often see them recommended

cassie24, Jul 29, 5:36pm
Do I take it to a local computer type place to upgrade? I've never done anything like that before

cassie24, Jul 29, 5:41pm
I see another one one there for similar price and option to upgrade so might be a better one.

acura, Jul 29, 6:18pm
How portable do you need it to be? If you don't need portability then you can look at bigger screens etc. The lenovo you listed above is on the small side - great for travel and carting around but you tend to get smaller screens.

cassie24, Jul 29, 6:20pm
It needs to be very portable as it'll be coming to uni with me and to and from work

acura, Jul 29, 6:22pm
Ultrabooks is what you might want to search for also.

nice_lady, Jul 29, 6:26pm
The smaller and lighter you want, if you also want reasonable spec - the more expensive it'll get. And if you want a small, light, good spec, laptop with a long lasting battery that'll even get more expensive.

suicidemonkey, Jul 29, 6:27pm
Yep Lenovo do make good gear, and the fact that it has a 1920x1080 screen and an SSD is a big bonus.

acura, Jul 29, 6:49pm
We got a HP Elitebook at work - although i'm not a big fan of HP, the Elitebook is actually a lovely machine. Light as anything and pretty good battery life.

suicidemonkey, Jul 29, 8:09pm
Yep in general HP make terrible consumer laptops but their business range is great.

suicidemonkey, Jul 29, 8:56pm
Yeah nice looking laptop - 90 day warranty is a bonus. And the seller is "in trade" so you get the consumer guarantees act cover as well.

cassie24, Jul 30, 11:57am
Will it still be covered under CGA if its ex lease though?

suicidemonkey, Jul 30, 12:07pm
"Buying second-hand from a dealer
You have the same rights if you buy second-hand products from an online trader or second-hand dealer as you would buying new, under the Consumer Guarantees Act."

king1, Jul 30, 12:24pm
Continuing that paragraph.
"However, you can?

suicidemonkey, Jul 30, 2:24pm
Well that's common sense.

However if you bought the laptop and it had a serious failure in the nearish future, it would be covered.

cassie24, Jul 30, 4:07pm
Awesome thanks heaps

just_looking_, Jul 31, 4:01pm
This seems like a reasonable deal (while stocks last):

mals69, Jul 31, 4:07pm
Lenovo off their website not their crap sold at harvey etc.

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