Ollee Tablet.

macmar, Sep 7, 5:18pm
My husband has an Ollee tablet, and it won't turn on. Once turned on 'Ollee' comes up on screen, then 'android is starting - starting apps' - then after a few seconds just goes back to the 'Ollee' on the screen. Does anyone know how we could get it to start please - it is fully charged

suicidemonkey, Sep 7, 5:34pm
They are notoriously unreliable unfortunately. Is it under warranty?

You can try entering the recovery mode by turning the tablet off, turning it back on again, then immediately hold the power key + volume down until a menu comes up (it can take up to 10 seconds).

In that menu you can factory reset the tablet. This MIGHT solve the issue. But it will wipe any data on the device.

macmar, Sep 7, 5:42pm
Yes I did read about that but if possible don't want to wipe the data

denise105, Sep 9, 12:00pm

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