Microsoft Outlook Hotmail - help!

catdog68, Mar 14, 8:57pm
Suddenly I have ads appearing in my hotmail inbox and can't get rid of them and also the look changed in Outlook and I cannot open any of my emails and I need to open one to print out my ticket for my flight tomorrow! Have no idea what's going on!

vtecintegra, Mar 14, 8:59pm

catdog68, Mar 14, 9:07pm
I click on the message and it does not open, no error message. Everything looks different, I think I clicked on something that has changed how everything looks, but the thing is I can't open the emails. The ads never appeared before, there is always one in my focused email and one down the bottom of the screen which I delete but a banner still remains.

vtecintegra, Mar 14, 9:32pm
Try a different web browser (Chrome or Firefox)

r.g.nixon, Mar 14, 9:35pm
Try 'double-click'.

catdog68, Mar 14, 9:40pm
I think I changed to the beta version accidently, so want to know how to get back to the original version I had (sigh!) and I do double click and its no different in Firefox (was in Chrome).

black-heart, Mar 14, 10:15pm
ad block plus

catdog68, 5 days, 20 hours
Managed to change back to the original version and can now access my emails, but can't get rid of the ads but this only seems to be when I access Hotmail through Chrome, so will use Windows 10 app to view my emails in future as there are no ads at all.

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