Dumb question, but

poppajn, Jul 18, 5:00pm
I have to send an email to a bob- john but the wee bar has to be at the bottom, how do I do that? TIA

suicidemonkey, Jul 18, 5:01pm
Hold shift and press the key immediately to the right of the '0' key.

acura, Jul 18, 5:01pm
Shift minus __ (not the numeric keypad one). Called an underscore, a throwback from typewriter days.

black-heart, Jul 18, 6:23pm
Get them to email you, then hit reply.

gyrogearloose, Jul 18, 8:07pm
The other problem is that "bob- john" contains a space, that won't be valid.

flower_tears, Jul 20, 2:24am
Here we go, just copy and paste :)
Just add the rest of the address

suicidemonkey, Jul 20, 9:47am
It's probably best they learn how to do it so they know for next time. It's not exactly hard.

ross1970, Jul 20, 2:23pm
Translation : The hyphen has to be an underscore.

gyrogearloose, Jul 20, 6:40pm
No it doesn't, a hyphen is perfectly valid in an email address.

nice_lady, Oct 11, 6:54am
In this case, as required by the OP - yes.

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