Samsung ph .

horo1, Apr 28, 7:25pm
real slow to open screens etc., can you defrag a ph like you do a computer?

nice_lady, Apr 28, 7:42pm
What model ?
Was it always like this ?
As for defrag - nah not really.

nice_lady, Apr 28, 7:44pm
Also theres a bit of a trick. You enable developer mode, (google it - it's really easy), then go in there and set window animation scale, transition animation scale, and animator duration scale all to ZERO . that'll make a difference to pretty much any android phone.

horo1, Apr 28, 7:56pm
its a GT-18190N android version 4.1.2 will try your suggestion thnaks

nice_lady, Apr 28, 8:22pm
That's an S3 Mini. Now-a-days it's old, slow, low spec. To be honest the best way to improve your experience would be to buy a newer, better phone.

One of the other issues is it's not going to be very secure to use, and limited in the apps it can run also, because of the older version of Android it has and that won't improve either.

For $100-150 you could buy a superior phone.

horo1, Apr 28, 8:57pm
yep was thinking time for a new pn but wanted to see if I could do anything to get the speed up to what it was thanks again for your help

angelminx, May 4, 8:06pm
Go to settings, then device maintenance

It should give you a number out of 100.

You have the opportunity to optimise the device which should improve your phones performance

black-heart, Dec 7, 9:13am
have you tried restarting it ?

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