Quitting 2 Degrees - what happens to credit?

moby, Mar 13, 9:58am
Due to 2 Degrees dropping 2G, I've moved my prepay to Vodafone.
What happens to my stored 2 Degrees Credit?.

gyrogearloose, Mar 13, 10:11am
"you will lose and we will own any Re-charge Credit balance in your Prepay Account"

mr-word, Mar 13, 10:27am
Yes I lost about 2cents of credit.

suicidemonkey, Mar 13, 12:47pm
Vodafone are shutting off their 2G network soon too. Might be time to join the rest of us in the future :)

spyware, Mar 13, 2:31pm

moby, Mar 13, 4:05pm
And considering that I use my phone as. err. a phone, what will that do for me (I like the week between charges as well).

king1, Mar 13, 4:10pm
Let you keep using your phone as a phone I would imagine.

duncb, Mar 13, 4:20pm
You can still get basic 3g phones (not smart ones) for around $20 which only need charging about once a week

rayonline_tm, Mar 13, 5:03pm
Yes you will lose it if you go to Vodafone there is no cash refund.

Even if you are a postpaid 2Degrees customer going to prepay you will still lose your carried over credits but I think you keep the money in your account.

gammelvind, Mar 13, 7:10pm
Why don?

vtecintegra, Mar 13, 7:26pm
Come on Vodafone is bad but it isn?

nice_lady, Mar 13, 7:46pm
You can buy a 'dumb' phone for about $20 which will be pretty much exactly the same as your 'old' model. There was no need for you to change providers.

rpvr, Mar 13, 9:34pm
I asked Vodafone if they are going to close their 2G network soon, and they said no. Apparently a lot of devices like electronic gate openers etc work on 2G, and there's no quick and easy way to convert if 2G is closed.

rpvr, Mar 13, 9:39pm
I was in a similar situation, so simply changed to a 3G phone i had been given by a relative - this was about a month ago. Then a few days ago 2 degrees rang me and told me they would be sending me a free 3G smart phone (Alcatel Pixi). I asked what if I don't want a smart phone? They said when it arrives, take it to a 2 degrees store without opening the box, and they will give me a $69 discount on any other phone. I didn't say no. If they don't have anything else I like, I can always sell it on here. Interesting that they didn't know I had already replaced the old 2G with a 3G, though.

yz490, Mar 13, 9:47pm
I saw one like mine but 3g in 'The Warehouse' advert for $69 & i like my simple old 2g phone. But out of the blue 2 degrees rang & said 'you've been with us so long we'll send you a new phone for free [i like free]. Duly recently arrived Alcatel Pixi 4 i think it's 4. I'm too damn old to understand instructions so went to the 2 degree shop & the guy swapped the sim then transferred any money left [or maybe i'd used it all up] plus sorted my contacts. Did it 'so quick' & set me up for the cheapest contract thingy. Hated it for a week or three but getting the hang of it now. Was always on 20c a text for years [prepay] should've sorted it i know--but.

gymee1, Mar 22, 7:43am
Partner has saved all her contacts to her phone , what is her best way of xferring them to a new phone.

vtecintegra, Mar 22, 7:44am
Depends on the phone (and the new one too)

gyrogearloose, Jan 6, 3:16am
Ask the store to transfer them when she buys the new phone, often they'll do this for free.

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