Google removed nz page filter

nzoomed, Apr 21, 5:25pm
really annoying you used to be able to click on tools, search options and select NZ pages. Now they have removed it.

Really annoying when you are trying to find things based in NZ.

suicidemonkey, Apr 21, 5:26pm
Been gone for a long time. Just type "NZ" at the end of your search, works the same.

hkjoe, Apr 21, 7:06pm
I seemed to remember that was removed about 10 years ago?

r.g.nixon, Apr 21, 7:14pm
I think there were ways to fix it, but they kept changing.
Now I just add site:nz

andrew691, Apr 21, 7:29pm
Works fine for me, using search from chrome address bar.

nzoomed, Apr 21, 7:36pm
No they moved it to a drop down menu. Was working for me earlier this week

nzoomed, Apr 21, 7:38pm
Thats what was visible to me. Not any more

andrew691, Apr 21, 8:03pm
Tools drop down menu

gabbysnana, Apr 21, 8:10pm
Still there.

morticia, Apr 21, 9:12pm
I still have tools>New Zealand in the dropdown.

black-heart, Apr 21, 10:54pm
Just checked still there for me.

nzoomed, Apr 21, 10:57pm
OK, this is weird, as ive just realised its only one of my computers that has this missing, its OK on this computer, but my other computer with a fresh install of firefox has it missing.

ira78, Apr 24, 8:43am
Check the address bar if it's or won't have anything under the tools dropdown. will have Any country or Country:New Zealand as options.

If you're using firefox are you searching using the quick search box, or typing the search directly into the address bar to search? I think the search box hardcodes

bassmo1, Apr 28, 4:35am
I use it all the time, it's under tools, country New Zealand.

mcnic, Apr 28, 4:30pm
Firefox is an easy fix:

Just click the Highlighted plugin to install as your default search engine.

black-heart, Dec 11, 9:19pm
Yeah I just realised, onthe same PC chrome still has it firefox does not.

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