Laptop will not get email or google now that I

clair4, Mar 21, 9:42am
have the new fibre and modem. Daughter has tried at her place as well to no avail. Machine is an old model but in excellent condition. Do I have to get a new one or can it be fixed to allow me to use it as a spare. I only use it in my sewing room occasionally. Thanks for looking and I welcome any advice.

trad, Mar 21, 9:59am
Didn't the fibre installer check that all (including your computer) was working ok? And you signed a paper that said it was? I had to when mine was installed.

trad, Mar 21, 10:02am
Was the computer working ok on ADSL before fibre installed?

king1, Mar 21, 10:23am
is the wireless connected or not?
try using a network cable to the modem and see if it works

black-heart, Mar 21, 12:02pm
Did the router get replaced? if so your wifi network and password are different.

You haven't told us what you are doing to try to connect. This makes it difficult to suggest much (problem could literally be anything). I suggest calling your ISP, they are trained to deal with customers.

supernova2, Mar 21, 1:41pm
Changing your house to fibre will not let your daughter use your computer at her house. Has she ever used your laptop at her house before and did it work?

Sounds to me as if your new fibre connection is wanting new password etc so as others said ring your fibre provider and they will talk you through the process.

ross1970, Mar 21, 2:27pm
You took the laptop to your daughters house ( she has wifi right? ) and you couldn't get "google" ?

clair4, Mar 21, 3:07pm
Gosh, I am more confused. I am too old for such a lot of info. I will get in touch with Spark shortly and ask them for information. Thanks to all who have given me suggestions which has confused me more. If only I was Tech
savvy but I have to admit I am hopeless. My daughter took it to her address and tried to get her email on my machine to no avail.

spyware, Mar 21, 4:45pm
Not enough relevant information. Sorry we can't help. I imagine Spark will be worse as they can't solve any problems without a thorough and correct description of all the variables involved (you mention none of them).

First variable is the wireless SSID and password in either location. Think about that first.

king1, Mar 21, 4:50pm
start by answering the questions.

newbie5, Mar 21, 5:06pm
Your daughter has to log into Google at her house as it is a different isp than yours. to get it working at your house you will have to get onto your isp as it seems you are not configured to the router.

newbie5, Mar 21, 5:10pm
Obviously not.

black-heart, Mar 21, 5:57pm
a fibre installer wont want to touch your PC.

nice_lady, Mar 21, 6:28pm
Eh ?

nice_lady, Mar 21, 6:35pm
There is nothing wrong with your machine at all. Theres no need to replace it or 'fix' it as it's not broken and you don't have to 'just use it as a spare'. It's fine. The Fibre installation will have changed your modem/router to a new one. The simplicity of that is the fact that the password you had setup on your computer to log into the 'old' router is NOT the right password for your new one. The new one will have the password on a sticker on the router/modem. Take a look.

Same as trying to log into the internet connection at your daughters. Did she use HER password for HER modem/router ? Cause you can't take a computer to another location/house/etc and expect it to log onto their wifi without putting in THEIR password. It just won't work.

It's really VERY simple - just get a teenager to assist you and you'll be connected in about three minutes flat !

muppet_slayer, Mar 21, 8:53pm
When you put your mouse arrow over the wifi icon on the taskbar right hand side bottom it should say that there are wifi connections available. Right click on the wifi icon and it should open up the connections that are available. Now you need to know what your router is called, our's is 2.4 ghz and 5 ghz so we have 2 names to choose from, our router name is either vodafone1FOB (2.4ghz) or vodafone1FOB-5 (5ghz) both can connect and both have the same password. As nice lady says the name and password for the router should be on a sticker either on the front or rear of the new router. Click on the name of your router and then enter the password and it should connect.

muppet_slayer, Jan 6, 6:12am
Just corrected my mistake. Should have said LEFT click!

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