Updating phone to lolliepop from kitkat

flip300, Jul 8, 8:02pm
I need to update to android 5 or 5.1 from 4.4 on my motorola moto-x so I can use the android auto app on a new car.I love the phone so don't want to buy a new one.How do I upgrade as I'm no tech wisard or could I just take it to spark and get them to do it.I had the option to upgrade when the phone was new but didn't because most people said 4.4 was better than 5 ,but the phone no longer offers the option.Thanks

suicidemonkey, Jul 8, 8:23pm
Try going to settings > About Phone > Updates

The wording may differ slightly as the settings menu differs from phone to phone, but that should get you to the right place to do the update, assuming it is available for the phone.

Make sure everything's backed up first. Usually you won't run into any issues but it pays to play it safe.

king1, Jul 8, 8:23pm
settings - about phone - system updates, on 6.0 at least. If that doesn't find an update then its probably going to be painful.

flip300, Oct 20, 5:03pm
Thanks for that,did that and it came up with the availiable update so will give it a whirl.cheers.

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