New gmail help!

bestieclub, Sep 6, 3:56pm
I'm trying to forward an entire email conversation to someone else. With the 'old' gmail there here used to be a 'forward all' button at the right hand side. Now I can't find a way to forward all except for forwarding each email within the conversation separately. Hoping for any help!

newbie5, Sep 6, 4:22pm
There is still a forward link at the bottom the same as before

suicidemonkey, Sep 6, 4:24pm
It's still there, same place as before. Except the menu has changed from "More" to 3 vertical dots.

When you're in the thread you want to forward, click the 3 dots menu, click "forward all".

king1, Sep 6, 4:25pm
i believe there is also an option to go back to the old version of gmail in the settings (cog) menu, although it will be temporary, eventually they will force the change

suicidemonkey, Sep 6, 4:29pm
There's not much point going back, functionality hasn't changed. There's just a few design differences.

bestieclub, Sep 11, 7:44pm
Thanks so much for all your help! I just couldn't see it at the bottom of the three dots. I knew someone could help -cheers!

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