VGA Monitor to HDMI Laptop

joanie04, Jan 8, 10:49pm
I have a VGA monitor sitting here that I thought I would try and use as a second screen for my laptop. I have got a VGA to HDMI lead but when I turn the monitor on is says cable is not connected. I have asked Dr Google and it appears I need a HDMI to VGA adapter converter dongle to get up a running without having to worry about drivers and the like.

Any helpful hints would be appreciated please.

mkhan10, Jan 8, 11:37pm
VGA is an analog signal. HDMI is a digital signal. The cable is a passive one and cannot change the signals. You need an active cable or an adapter to use it. Its should plug into the wall or use USB as power source

suicidemonkey, Jan 9, 12:07am

nice_lady, Jan 9, 5:50am
lol @ $28.75 for an adaptor - you could buy a 17" lcd screen for less probably.

lythande1, Jan 9, 6:47am
I fail to see why you need anything other than what you have. son used a TV like this for ages, VGA to HDMI, no special anything needed.

nice_lady, Jan 9, 7:21am
yeah what the OP really has is an HDMI to VGA lead I'd say.

Theres no way any crt monitor would have an HDMI input.

joanie04, Jan 9, 9:00am
From what I understand it has something to do the video/graphics card being able to support digital signal output. I have another monitor here that I will try later today. I also have a TV with an inbuilt DVD player but my daughter has first dibs on that.

joanie04, Jan 9, 9:04am
When I am in Hamilton in few weeks I will call in and see them if I haven't sorted it. When I go back to work next week I will talk to our IT guy if it his week to visit. I don't have a lot of faith in anyone up here, other than my friend's brother. But he is not well at the moment.

Thanks for all your replies.

nice_lady, Jan 9, 9:09am
You will be using an HDMI to VGA cable. HDMI at the computer end, (out), to VGA, (in), at the monitor end.

Lythande1 says her son used a VGA, (out), to HDMI, (in), cable. Thus in your case you're trying to use HDMI out to VGA in. In her case it was the other way around.

suicidemonkey, Jan 9, 10:29am
Maybe their current monitor is bigger/better than an old 17" piece of crap? :)

Also I was just providing example - there's this handy little website called Trademe that has similar adapters for as little as $8. I don't know what the quality would be like, but at least there are other options.

joanie04, Jan 9, 12:03pm
There appears to be some misunderstanding:
1. I am not connecting a TV but a computer monitor.
2. The monitor is a 19.5 inch that was connected to an old pc which is no longer used.
3. The TV was another option but my daughter wants that.

I just thought if I could get it to work for very little cost it would make things easier when I do my financial reports for the sports clubs I am involved in.

Edited to add. Sure I can get a monitor for next to nothing. Then it has to be shipped to me without being damaged in transit.

nice_lady, Jan 9, 1:05pm
and yes it seems you might be able to get it working for 'very little cost' but it would probably cost around the same as a 2nd hand lcd monitor or so it seems. anyway if you want to have a lovely CRT screen shining nice xrays into your eyes you go for it.

vtecintegra, Jan 9, 1:07pm
Who said this is a CRT?

nice_lady, Jan 9, 1:10pm
Damn yeah I don't know why I thought that.
Anyway it's still a toss up between the adaptor and another screen I guess. *shrugs*

vtecintegra, Jan 9, 1:19pm
The trouble is many of those cheap LCDs you keep recommending also only have a VGA input, leaving OP in exactly the same situation. Even the ones with a DVI port will require a (simple) adapter to work with an HDMI only laptop.

suicidemonkey, Jan 9, 1:47pm
Buying another screen rather than an adaptor seems absolutely pointless. And wasteful.

joanie04, Jan 9, 3:07pm
Sorry I should have said it was LCD not had any CRT screens here for years. The Dell PC that is well over 10 years old has an LCD and it has a VGA plug as well. The screen in question is an AOC can't remember how old it is but it is certainly less than 10 years. I have checked that a new replacement AOC screen is still VGA.

At this stage I haven't had another change to have a fiddle. I am on holiday and actually had to do so work today lol.

nice_lady, Jan 9, 4:32pm
Fair point. I Give up ! *Goes to fridge to steal one of Hubbys Bourbon & Cokes* .

or maybe more than one.

acura, Jan 9, 5:31pm
I've used a displayport to VGA adapter (same principle) before and their is a noticeable degradation in quality - not huge but noticeable. my 2c.

joanie04, Jan 9, 6:48pm
At the end of the day $28 odd is not a huge expense. I think I will go that way and see what happens. If it doesn't work so be it. I could always resell it on that trade me place lol.

vtecintegra, Mar 1, 7:57am
The HP ones we used to use at work crushed colour depth down way down - it was most noticeable on the gradients on the old Windows 7 login screen

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