Printer-says out of paper but is not

midget8, Jul 12, 5:57pm
Hi learned persons, HP printer F300 series says out of paper Had 16 pages to print this morn,printed 3 then out of paper-but heaps of paper there.
Have not yet uninstalled as no time, I cancelled documents etc, but it still saying out of paper. Have turned off,etc, taken paper out then in again-still no go. HELP please. Also did print doctor thing but no difference.

mark.p, Jul 12, 6:10pm
What version of Windows? My just need the printer driver reinstalled. Some suggestions here

First off reboot your computer and see if that sort it out.

midget8, Jul 12, 6:22pm
Windows 8.1. Was hoping not to do uninstall but may have to.
Will look at your link and report back.

mark.p, Jul 12, 6:39pm
Here's the HP driver site

wow 300 and something megs just for the driver.

king1, Jul 12, 7:00pm
don't you read stuff?
"This collection of software includes the complete set of drivers, installer and optional software."

nice_lady, Jul 12, 7:02pm
Yeah -nah drivers are never that big. Look closer at the download choices. You've picked the 'whole package'

mrfxit, Jul 12, 9:12pm
Don't even need to Google this .

"Printer out of paper" shouldn't have anything to do with software.
The paper detect/ feed switch is either jammed/broken or twisted or a roller next to the switch not running.
Most common fault is a tiny scrap of paper jamming the switch.
Also possible the paper lift system in the tray is jammed/ broken
Even possible the feed rollers are badly worn/broken cog. & can't pick up the sheets
Switch will most likely be at the back of the tray in the roof of the tray cavity or just inside the back access cover.

mark.p, Jul 13, 7:30am
Yes it shouldn't but weird this happen.

techexpress, Jul 13, 8:01am
As a former printer repair engineer for a large multinational office equipment brand, I can confirm that printers were designed by Satan to erode our enjoyment of life. It is very well documented in the Bible. Saturn first introduced the idea of the printing mechanism to Holy Monks who in turn passed the idea onto Johannes Gutenberg once they realised that it left them miserable wretches and were very glad to be rid of it. (The monks also threw in some cheese and a three-legged goat). The idea of printers evolved through many morbid phases including the 'Gestetner'. A hand-cranked device which allowed the operator to get high as a kite on methylated spirits before resuming the teaching of our nation's school children. Now, in 2018, printers are just $3.99 at your corner dairy. Woe betide you though if you run out of ink.

mrfxit, Jul 13, 8:07am
LOL yep thats about it.
Interesting that you should link that video, been there done that

mark.p, Jul 13, 8:16am
My HP laser printer is great. Cost $10 at a second hand store. Toner drums cost as much as a single inkjet cart.

trad, Jul 13, 9:29am
My old Hp Laserjet will not pick up paper from a pile of paper, I have to feed pages in one by one. Friend has the same problem with a newer model and found it was because of the humidity (damp paper) so he now keeps his paper in the airing cupboard and when a stack of paper is put in printer from there it picks up well.

mark.p, Jul 13, 10:10am
That's a good tip. If the paper is damp a couple may be picked and jams occur.

kitty179, Jul 13, 10:24am
Haha love it! (However I stopped laughing when I realised I am actually old enough to remember USING the said Gestetner!)

mrfxit, Jul 13, 10:31am
Mmmm HP Laserjet 5L or 6L?
Those were so bad for wearing the rollers that HP sent roller replacment repair kits for free

trad, Jul 13, 2:41pm
Mine is a LJ5. Friends HP model is only about 5 years old from memory.

midget8, Jul 13, 6:06pm
Hi all, and thanks for comments.Will do uninstall and reinstall tomorrow,can still copy and paper goes through fine. Too tired tonight to use brain-and it's Black Friday.
Stupid thing is still telling me out of paper.
It's about 15 yrs old but been darn good.

midget8, Jul 15, 6:49pm
Its me again, uninstalled and have reinstalled F300 copy 1. Yay-copied out the stuff and all good. Thanks for the input from you all.

mark.p, Jul 15, 7:15pm
Well done.

mrfxit, Jul 16, 8:18am
Good result.
Printers really are getting pretty "dumb" these days when it needs software to pick up paper from the sheet feeder

ira78, Jul 16, 1:49pm
Also users are designed by Satan for the same purpose. One office, several times everyone was panicking because the printer was broken, urgent callout for the company that maintains the printers, down for 3-4 hours, still hadn't shown up. I walk past and the printer has a big sign on it, "Out of service do not touch!" And the screen is displaying something like, "Paper jam, open door C and clear jam."
I open door C, jammed up piece of paper right there where it said it was. Pull it out, close the door. It fires up and starts printing.

mrfxit, Jul 16, 1:52pm
Part of that is the "accountability for your actions", no one wants to touch it in case they screw it up further & get blamed for killing it

wmoomw, Oct 13, 7:50am
yep hp printers bloatware to the max

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