Nanny moment

greenforde, May 9, 10:12am
I have forgotten how to empty my blacklisted folder. Please help. Thanks

nice_lady, May 9, 10:18am
Blacklisted folder.

Waits for more info

greenforde, May 9, 10:24am
Just like emptying the recycle bin it is blacklisted emails. So frustrating I have done it many times just cannot remember!

king1, May 9, 10:44am
in what?

'my email' is not a valid response.

suicidemonkey, May 9, 10:53am
Blastlisted e-mails in what program? You could be talking about any number of things.

greenforde, May 9, 10:59am
Gosh how do I explain? When I get an emails that I do not want to receive I go up to the three tiny horizontal lines for more options and choose blacklist. My computer tells me my blacklist is full and I must empty some blacklisted address

suicidemonkey, May 9, 11:01am
Without knowing what e-mail program you are using, it's impossible to say.

An example is Microsoft Outlook.

greenforde, May 9, 11:11am
Yes Microsoft outlook

greenforde, May 9, 11:17am
Got it. Go t6o Portal, customise this page, click blacklisted in the drop down box. Delete. Thanks Guys.

king1, May 9, 11:21am
Doesn't sound like Outlook - are you sure about that?

greenforde, May 9, 11:45am
How do I find out what programme I am using just for future reference. Thanks

zak410, Dec 3, 12:46am
Click on 'help' on the menu.

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