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hawat, Jun 14, 10:34am
S'pose not strictly computer related. However I just got one of those flash mobiles that you can put 2 sim cards in. We go to Oz a lot, grandchildren. and I always get a short term deal with telstra or the other mob then muck around changing sims so I thought it would be good to get a phone that you can have sims for both countries. BUT my question is, if someone rings me on my nz number will it still come through so I can answer and talk? In addition can I use the oz sim just like normal? Not at the same time. Theoretical scenario. I'm in Brisbane at a mall - Carindale - boss phones on my nz number to say I got the sack. Tell him get stuffed then hang up. Nek minit daughter phones on the oz sim and asks if i can pick up a bottle of wine to take home for dinner, I say OK. Is that how it works?

peanuts37, Jun 14, 11:23am
Yes provided the phone is capable of picking up Australian cell frequencies.

chito, Jun 14, 11:27am
All my Chinese dual SIM phones have had the option to receive on both Sims. You can select which one you want data and out going calls on. I buy a local SIM overseas and keep my NZ one active for emergencies.

hawat, Jun 14, 11:32am
My new phone is an Oppo which I think is the premium brand for Huawei like Lexus for Toyota so it probably has the characteristics that you're talking about chito

hawat, Jun 14, 11:35am
mmmm y'got me there. I've had 3 different phones over the years, Panasonic, Huawei and Samsung and I didn't have any problems with frequencies?

peanuts37, Jun 14, 11:43am
Had a look, mostly the same.

peanuts37, Jun 14, 11:51am
Dont think OPPO is anything to do with Huawei, may use a few components from Huawei.

allan_mac, Jun 14, 1:05pm
Yes, your dual sim will work as you suggest - you ought to be able to receive and send calls and text by either SIM. You'll get charged with roaming costs from NZ on any calls/txts coming through the NZ SIM. Switch your data over to the Aussie SIM when in Aussie.

I used to have an old dual sim phone, and I needed to switch one of the SIMs over to 2G if using both at the same time, which would be a problem as Aus no longer has a 2G network I believe. But I think now that 4G phones are around you can have them on 4G & 3G no problem.

cube_guy, Jun 14, 1:23pm
I hope that wasn't part of the sales pitch that convinced you to get the phone.

vtecintegra, Jun 14, 4:02pm
Huawei makes much better high end stuff than Oppo which is pretty much a budget - mid range player.

sw20, Jun 14, 9:27pm
Oppo. The phone for India and Pakistan.

hawat, Jun 15, 9:13am
huh? Oppo is a cheapo! whodathort. Well I have nothing but good things to say about it. I was going to buy a Samsung that was going to cost me $800 but then the salesman suggested I think about the Oppo which does more than the Samsung but only cost $500. I've had the phone for 3 months now and it is the BEST. Very happy with it. Mind you I aint a mobile wiz but still. I'm gonna buy and maintain a sim from telstra when we go over in July and keep it going. I usually buy it for a month then just throw it away.

thena-ella, Jun 15, 12:29pm
I had a Samsung S5 and was convinced while overseas the new S9 was the best upgrade. I bought an OPPO R11s instead, after weeks of research and $600 less spent - I have move improved options than I would've got from the S9. I can't wait to try the dual sim on my next holiday overseas. I have an Aussie Sim too.

cube_guy, Jun 15, 1:14pm
Well, the S9 would have been the best upgrade over the S5. The Oppo is cheaper yes, but you are sacrificing performance and quality in every aspect of the phone to get it. The only aspect it seems the Oppo is "better" is the dual sim capability and the price. But if you are happy, that's all that matters.

vtecintegra, Jun 15, 1:47pm
The direct Samsung equivalent to the R11s is the Galaxy A8 Plus - it's about the same price and level of performance.

The S9 is a pretty big step up over those two.

hawat, Jun 16, 7:38am
The A8 was the one I was looking at when the salesman suggested I consider Oppo. He said it does pretty much the same thing but cost $500 when the A8 was $800. The Oppo has worked out pretty good for me

duncb, Jun 17, 8:54am
For all the die hard Samsung users. While there is no doubt that the S9 is a superior product to the phones we are talking about, in my view for the average phone user the Oppo and Xiaomi phones offer far better value for money. I think you will hard pressed to find an owner of one of these phones going back to a Samsung. Don't knock them till you have used one.

chromis, Jun 17, 9:21am
Australia is a long way to go to get away from the grandkids. Can't you just pretend you're not home? That's what we do.

vtecintegra, Jun 17, 11:34am
I don't see the point when there are cheap Android One phones available like the current Nokia range. At least that way you'll get updates at a decent rate.

patxyz, Jun 17, 11:48am
Preach it brother

hawat, Jun 17, 9:44pm
haw haw you've got the wrong end of the stick. The grandkids are IN Aus. We like to visit them a lot. Oh! I just got it. I'm slow

rayonline_tm, Jun 18, 12:22pm
I have a dual sim phone. Yep, they both ring, the other one might have a diff ring tone.

You need to be careful when you dial the phone number because it might default to the first sim slot. So you can be caught out with expensive fees. After dialling the number there might be a (1) button or a (2) button to press for the SIM you want.

With data you can also go into settings and choose which simcard you want to use for data. If you incorrectly used your NZ sim data while in AU it can be expensive.

hawat, Jun 18, 1:06pm
Thanks - that is the sort of advice I'm looking for

camper18, Jun 18, 8:56pm
Hawat, I still have my original Aus sim that I bought when I bought my twin sim pH years ago. I just update it for another year each time we go over and still have my original number.

chromis, Jun 19, 5:50pm
Yeah, it was a joke and a weak one at that. I don't even have Grandkids ???

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