Best "Basic Home" Printer

mmmail, Feb 23, 1:40am
Got an old Epson NX130. something tells me its had its day, cheaper to replace than service.

Any suggestions please on a "basic home" printer/copier? Not expensive and easily handle generic cheap ink - something the Epson can struggle with I find. I just use it for basic type stuff, so NO "Rolls Royce" of printers needed!

Thank you.

A starting thought - the Brother Mono Laser Printer HL-1110 is getting good wraps on both Ebay and PC Mag [AU] site. Your thoughts please?

tonybn, Feb 23, 8:59am
Can you clarify? You mention wanting a printer/copier, but the HL-1110 is a laser printer only. The Epson is a colour inkjet and the HL-1110 is not.

If you want low-end laser the Brother 1210W Laser printer is available for less that $90.00.

Low-end mono printer/scanner/copier laser - HP LasterJet Pro M12W @ $150 or BROTHER DCP1610W @$180

Colour printer/scanner/copier laser - Brother MFC9140CDN @ $390. Until next week this, with the cashback offer, is available for $240. And if you use only Brother consumables the warranty is extended to 4 years.

Note that colour laser multifunction printers/copiers are quite large! And the consumables (belt / drum / toner) can be expensive. Although in a home use situation you may never replace some - such as the belt!

onl_148, Feb 23, 10:43am
Before you purchase, check the cost of the consumables. basically with the cheaper printers a lot of the guts / workings of the printer is actually in the ink cartridge. every time you replace the ink cartridge, you also replace some of the electronics etc.
A $9.95 ink jet printer may sound good, but the cost of the ink cartridges will get you. also the ink cartridges that come with the printer will be only "trial / sampler" size, so you will be up for replacement very soon after purchase !

coolcort, Feb 23, 2:21pm
Hi yes the price of ink cartridges is very important Do not get a two cartridge machine five inks last better and cost less, have had great runs with Cannon some i have had have done a meter deep of printing or more. There are some good after market ink suppliers on trademe, i get all my inks that way.

lythande1, Feb 23, 2:28pm
basic? IT is irrelevant.
What matters is number of pages and cost of cartridge. The Epson Workforce 60 I have does about 995 pages per $12 cartridge.

Some do up to 2500 ($17 a cartridge).

The shit cheap things you see toaster shops pushing do about 200 pages per cartridge.

trade_menow, Feb 23, 2:51pm
I've got the Brother 1210W - (B&W printer only) the toner that came with it managed 1000 pages which is what it was rated at - replacement brother toner is around the $80 mark but you can find compatible toner here for $20-25 and rated at 1500 pages - nothing wrong with it
the drum - rated at 10,000 pages and the brother drum - around $120 . compatible drum - $55 -$60 but by then its probally cheaper just to buy a new printer

mmmail, Feb 26, 4:11pm
Thank you to all for all the feedback - much appreciated.

mrfxit, Feb 27, 8:54am
Still using a 4 year old Canon Mono laser that cost me $60 new.
OEM toner carts are around $85-$120 but been getting carts from TM for $25 including shipping.
1500 page cartridges

nice_lady, Jan 19, 7:13am
Yeah printer ink is the new Gold!

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