How to stop newspaper news clips autoplaying ?

funho1, Mar 24, 9:32am
I started a thread earlier, but wrongly described the problem as 'advertisements'.
The problem is when a newspaper article is opened, I cannot stop a news video which is part of the article from starting. Can they be stopped ?

Have looked everywhere under 'Tools - Internet Options' but cannot get a fix. TIA

king1, Mar 24, 10:00am
It is browser dependent - I use chrome and this extension

its not perfect and is not maintained any more but see if it helps. if you dont already have an adblocker grab ublock origin from the same place

gyrogearloose, Mar 24, 10:34am
I particularly dislike the website, you scroll down on a page with several videos and they all start playing at once. This feature makes no sense to me.

loose.unit8, Mar 24, 10:37am
Totally agree. So annoying when you don't realise the sound is up on your laptop as well!

duncb, Mar 24, 10:41am
They can be stopped. Which browser are you using?

vtecintegra, Mar 24, 10:42am
Stuff videos start playing when you mouse over them. It?

funho1, Jan 4, 9:55pm
NZ Herald are worse for me. I am using Internet Explorer

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