Sound quality on online videos

rpvr, Aug 21, 12:07pm
I watch quite a few online videos of the interview variety, and notice that muffled speech is a common problem. Probably to do with recording quality, but what can I do you optimise what is available? Probably my hearing is not what it was, but then I have no problem with hearing speech on a radio or on the phone. I have a desktop computer with rather old speakers. Would it help to get some new ones? If so, any particular brand for best speech quality?

king1, Aug 21, 12:17pm
if its only sometimes and not all times, assuming everything else is the same, it would have to be a problem with the source I would have thought. I don't know if there much you can do to 'unmuffle' muffled speech without going through a few sound engineering hoops, especially if its viewed in a browser. But i'm no sound engineer .

gyrogearloose, Sep 20, 7:47pm
Headphones might help.

Also your soundcard probably has an application to adjust sound playback, my one is called "HD Audio Manager". If you run that and find it has an effect selected such as 'Environment = drainpipe' then turn that off. Then play with the equalizer options, the 'vocal' option would be the one I'd try first, rather than 'Soft' or 'Party'. There's probably a graphic EQ as well, boosting the 125 - 2K range might help with speech.

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