Excel date calculations

neell, Aug 23, 9:36pm
Is there a formula for calculating the number of days/weeks between dates entered into Excel? Lets say start date in cell A7 and end date in cell B7?

jon9, Aug 23, 9:56pm
Simple. If C3 = Later date and C2 = Earlier its just C3-C2 = Days between dates

neell, Aug 24, 8:37am
Thanks, so in the cell I want the answer I type in "C3-C2 = Days between dates"?

gyrogearloose, Aug 24, 8:42am
Yes. Make sure cells C3 and C2 are formatted as dates (perhaps by formatting column C as date) and then in the answer field type "= C3 - C2"

jon9, Aug 24, 9:27am
Just type in =c3-c2

king1, Aug 24, 10:12am
there is also a datedif function if you want more flexibility

neell, Sep 18, 9:46pm
Got it doing what i want. Thanks

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