No YouTube sound in Firefox

kiwikidd77, Dec 27, 12:27pm
Recently got clobbered by a virus and did a clean install of windows 10 home. Now I have no sound when viewing YouTube videos, but only in Firefox which is my preferred browser. All updates have been installed on my HP Pavilion laptop. If I download the video off YouTube it plays with sound.

Any ideas on a solution to this problem appreciated.

peanuts37, Dec 27, 12:43pm
Right click sound icon lower right of screen, click open volume mixer and check Firefox control is not on mute.

kiwikidd77, Dec 27, 1:11pm
Thanks I did that but not successful.

kiwikidd77, Dec 27, 1:15pm
Just checked again and I see that there's MOZILLA Firefox control in that menu, but when I open a YouTube video, a second icon appears, Firefox. Is it possible that there are 2 players loading and conflicting? The Mozilla one makes a noise when I move the slider but the Firefox one does nothing when I move the slider. Weird.

peanuts37, Dec 27, 1:17pm
Try this.

peanuts37, Dec 27, 1:19pm
Have you got Flash Player installed and updated?

snoopy221, Dec 27, 1:26pm
Double check up the top that the tab you have open in firefox is not muted.

Edits to add right clicking will give you a sub menu.

kiwikidd77, Dec 27, 2:11pm
All rechecked and up to date. Adobe player installed and up to date.

I noticed that I have no sound in other site video either. Drat.

r.g.nixon, Dec 27, 3:45pm
Speaker or headphones getting sound, from anywhere?

agarn, Dec 27, 4:50pm
try uninstalling firefox, re install FF ,see if that fixes it

kiwikidd77, Mar 11, 12:44am
Just completely wiped my hard drive and did another clean install of Windows 10. Now its playing videos everywhere complete with sound. No idea what was wrong but at least its fixed now.

Thanks for input and advice everyone. Its much appreciated by me.

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