Skinny wireless broadband

rpvr, Jul 23, 2:24pm
Anyone use it? Is it ok? What is the speed like? Any issues with connectivity?

1bravo, Jul 23, 2:28pm
Yes. Yes. Good. No.

rpvr, Jul 23, 2:44pm
Good answer, brief and to the point. And what I want to hear.

dbest, Jul 23, 3:38pm
I use it. Very good in general, I am in a location where I don't even get full signal but my speed is better than what I got on ADSL. Also, my gaming (ping) is good too. Only difference I found was that if for example my PC is downloading a huge file, then watching YouTube on the phone gets really slow. Not sure if this is down to the modem/router or 4G connection issue.

I noticed that this didn't really happen on the ADSL router.

shinedog, Jul 23, 5:57pm
Skinny of course runs from the Spark 4g cell towers, check your distance to the nearest tower.

gabbysnana, Jul 23, 8:05pm
Excellent in Hammy. I have $39 deal.

ianab, Jul 23, 8:19pm
This. It will work well if you have goof cell signal at your house. Marginal coverage = poor connection.

iluvmuse, Jul 23, 8:40pm
my friend was getting about 35mbps down on it

shall, Jul 24, 10:42pm
i have it, and had it for a month now, after ongoing line issues with slingshot over the chorus lines, at 0.9 Mbps I am now getting anywhere between 49 and 104 Mbps

its amazing and its cheap at only $59 for 240GB

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