Can't start laptop

colin433, Dec 20, 8:13pm
I haven't used my laptop since it was repaired a year ago under warranty. Now I can't provide my windows password. I know my microsoft password, but not windows.
Where do I find that, or how do I get around it. It just keep telling me it's the wrong one, nomatter what I try, I only use a combination of two words withsometimes numericals, and in one instance an upper case is required.
I've done the finger scan recognition, but I guess I could be anyone who may have got hold of it.
I know, and used the code to open it, so why wont they believe who I am

LAYMAN's language please, I'm not all that bright at technology, but can operate it when it's up and going.

king1, Dec 20, 8:32pm
there are two forms of login to windows 8/10
1 by way of an online Microsoft account
2 using a local account

1. can be reset via the microsoft website
2. can be reset with the aid of some password reset software available on the internet, but its use is quite a ways beyond LAYMAN level

The million dollar question is which one was it set up with originally.
win 7 and earlier use option 2.

colin433, Dec 20, 8:36pm
It WAS, and I think still is Win 7

king1, Dec 20, 8:44pm
this is what it should look like for win 7 - first 10 seconds or so

Only option with that is remember the password or like I said it can be reset

and when you get it up and running you may want to consider upgrading it to win 10 as the free upgrade for assistive technologies ends december 2017

colin433, Dec 20, 9:18pm
thank you for that advice King1.
I have just discovered an email from windowslive which I haven't used for about three years, but somehow is still registered as my email address with windows, and in it, there is a code - not a password, so I will try that tomorrow, and after getting it going, if I can. I will upgrade to w10 as I understand that better, having used it now since almost the time when it was introduced. In FACT, I thought they had updated the laptop when the repair was done, but today I notice somewhere in my rambling that it was still W7.

king1, Dec 20, 9:35pm
if it is win 7 it won't be a provided code you're looking for - it will be a password you created. keep trying any you can remember, caps, non caps etc there is no limit to number of tries

colin433, Dec 21, 8:39pm
well folks, success of a sort. After many times typing my email addresses. and passwords, I have now satisfied microsoft, windows, google, and others that I am the legal owner of the machine. I managed to open both email addresses, and one that I don't use any more, had over 900 messages which I didn't bother to read. Too bd if I had been informed by that media that I'd won a million dollars. ha ha.
I haven't as yet updated to W10, and in it's present state is is SLOW, compared to the all-in-one that I'm currently using.
Thank you for any help that you've offered, I appreciate your time.

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