more of a Lexmark printer problem...pleeease....

heavenscent2, Jul 12, 8:21pm
More of a Lexmark printer problem...pleeeaseMy printer keeps telling me I have a paper jam, but there is nothing in it!!! The blue light keeps flashing and I cant even turn it off. Im having to turn it off at the wall. It a Lexmark 2300 series. Pleeeeease can someone help me :-(

jancemord, Jul 12, 8:31pm
Whats your printer budget

dave1025, Jul 12, 8:51pm
Ditch it, and buy a new one. Unless you can see a torn bit of paper or something like a rubber band or paper clip stuck in their somewhere. Printers like that are going for about 60 bucks these days.

killer16, Jul 16, 12:28am
Printer. I had a lexmark printer, had nothing but problems with it. Bought a "Brother DCP 115c) problems solved.

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