Spark live chat not working.

waipawa, Jun 15, 8:41am
Wouldn't you know it, both my cellphone and landline are not working so I need to contact Spark _online_ to report a fault with the landline. But for some odd reason clicking on the "Chat with us" link results in no action. The 3 other options in that submenu do work, so I am wondering what could be wrong. Or is there an email address for spark? - I can't find one.

king1, Jun 15, 8:53am
use a different browser or incognito mode, you might have an adblocker or the like blocking it

waipawa, Jun 15, 9:01am
Thanks for that. It works in IE, but not chrome!

lythande1, Nov 6, 6:04pm
Reset Chrome, probably blocked popups or some such.

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