Surround Sound Dead but TV

melinda1, Feb 6, 5:21pm
Cannot get the TV sound to go without Home Theatre. Any ideas on how to get tv sound going? It's a curved Samsung TV? Any ideas appreciated

bassmo1, Feb 6, 6:19pm
Whenever we've had a fail in some electronic item, we pull all the cables and the wires and start from scratch to build slowly, experimenting, trying different things until it works again or not but then at least the component which is faulty has been identified. Of course you could pay megabucks for someone to come to your house and do the same things.

loud_37, Feb 6, 6:52pm
Thats got to be the worst advise i've heard. If it was working before and then its not, and nobody has changed any wires why would you unplug everything?

We get this all the time at work where we have to go out on a job because someone has unplugged things and then plugged them all in wrong.

gabbysnana, Feb 6, 6:57pm
Menu go from surround sound to tv. Exit.

bassmo1, Feb 5, 4:49am
It's always worked for me and I don't plug them in wrong.

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