I need assistance please

maryanne19, Mar 15, 5:11pm
I am not at all up with scams etc and always err on the side of caution and delete if I have any doubt but for the first time I have a message on a red colour saying Google have prevented someone tampering with my pass word and to review activity -
What should I do please and what would be the outcome if I did?
Thank you so much and looking forward to your responses

maryanne19, Mar 15, 5:15pm
Sorry should I have asked is this a scam or not

Thank you again

r.g.nixon, Mar 15, 5:21pm
Sounds bogus. But next time, post (link to) a screenshot here.

king1, Mar 15, 5:33pm
id say post a screenshot or the exact text of the entire message, gmail do send out security messages of various types so it 'could' be genuine.

maryanne19, Mar 15, 6:03pm
Thank you both very much for your responses

king 1 it is from G Mail - a 1 line message white printing on a red background

Warning: Google prevented a suspicious attempt to sign into your account using your password - Review activity now -

this has a brown background

I tried to copy it here to no avail sorry I am not sure if this can be done like a web site or not

I am veey appreciative for your help

r.g.nixon, Mar 15, 6:10pm
'PrtScr' copies your screen to the clipboard. Then you can paste it into any image editor, including Windows Paint. Save it as a jpeg. So it will be like a photo for TM auctions.

lythande1, Mar 15, 6:42pm
No companies do this.
if you do have a google account, then go there, on your own, not clicking any links provided. And log in and change your password.
But it will be BS.

christin, Mar 15, 6:49pm
I'd say phishing email. Any reputable sites generally don't have you clicking reset passeord links etc from email unless you request it,

king1, Mar 15, 6:49pm

datoofairy, Mar 15, 6:56pm
Google do send such messages, I've had them myself when I forgot what I had changed my password to and had several goes at getting it correct. They also send similar ones when they detect sign ins from unusual locations. I think they are doing a pretty good job of trying to protect their users.
OP, you should change your password, just to be safe.
If ever you think an email is a scam, never click on it to go into your account. Go into your account by typing the address into your browser, go into your settings and change your password.
Have read of this. (King1 beat me to it, I was going to give the same link)

ETA: the genuine emails from Google do not ask you to click on the email or sign in through the email.

maryanne19, Mar 15, 7:54pm
A massive thank you to you guys for helping me so much with this

I am not good enough to change my password will be at the bank when it opens in the morning to do exactly that

Thank you and all the best

datoofairy, Mar 15, 8:33pm
The bank? Hold on, did I misread your post? I thought you said the email you received was from Google, about someone trying to access your Google account? Where does your bank come into it?
Even if someone successfully hacked into your email (which it sounds like they have not, as Google prevented it from happening) thats not the same thing as them hacking into your internet banking. If that had happened, your bank would be contacting you.

nice_lady, Mar 15, 8:35pm
Please explain - what has the bank got to do with this situation ?

maryanne19, Mar 15, 9:09pm
No it did not come as an E Mail - never seen anything like that and I am going to my bank in the morning only to change my password - really sorry for any confusion

datoofairy, Mar 15, 9:17pm
Do you actually have a Google account? Or was this just on the Google search page?

maryanne19, Mar 15, 10:41pm
hello datoofairy and thank you too

I clicked on G Mail and there was a 1cm width strip right across the page inside was red with the warning notice in white letters - I have never seen anything like this before -

Yes I am fairly sure I do have a Google account

Off to bed now - nigh night to all and have a great sleep

suicidemonkey, Mar 15, 11:00pm
I'm so confused. what does this have to do with your bank?

Sounds like a legit e-mail from Gmail, I've had them before. If you Google the text in the e-mail you get this:


If you're not sure, just change your Gmail password. If you're not even sure if you have a Gmail account and you're wondering if an e-mail about Gmail is a scam or not, maybe you should find a savvy relative or friend to give you some help with internet basics.

nice_lady, Mar 16, 5:24am
If you use Gmail then you do have a google 'account'.

jonnythecat, Mar 16, 6:48am
In her original post OP said she got a message, every one assumed she ment an e mail especially since she also mentioned scams. I think what happened she logged into her internet banking and got one of those highlighted warning strips that sometimes appear. But they are usually from your bank so don't know what Google has to do with?

newbie5, Mar 16, 12:01pm
If you can click on gmail then yes you do have a google account.
if as I am guessing by you saying you are going to the bank to change passwords then did the email come from the bank.

ferrit47, Mar 16, 12:17pm
You can easily change Password.
Just Click on Forgot or Change Password & It will Enter New Password.
Change it & Click Save. Done.
You can also Phone Bank & they will help & step you thru it. No need to go into Bank.

maryanne19, Mar 16, 1:48pm
I am very grateful to you all for helping me and have learnt so much

I had a friend here this mornimng and she has received tha same message and was positive it was genuine

Have changed my password

Have a great weekend and good luck to all lotto takers

ferrit47, Mar 16, 8:20pm
Hey Maryanne thats why we are here. If you dont know something Ask & someone will help you.

maryanne19, Jan 9, 8:07am
That is so nice and thank you so ferrit47

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