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rpvr, Jun 21, 4:12pm
I have an Alcatel one touch 20.52. Just a basic cheap phone with keys. not a smart phone. It works well enough as a simple means of calling/texting, but a couple of things have me puzzled. One is that I can not find anything in the menu which lets me choose where to save texts, it just saves to the sim. Every other phone that I can remember has given me the option of saving to the sim or the phone. I took it to a 2 degrees shop and they just said "can't save to phone on this model". Excuse me, so what is the storage built in to the phone there for? To top it all off, there is also a slot for a micro sd card, and as I had one lying around, I tried it in the phone. If I plug the phone into the computer, I can see the two storage areas (come up as G and H on my computer) and I can copy files to and from both. BUT there is no way to access them from the phone! Why would you make a phone like that? Is it possible that photos sent by text would go to one of these places? Seems odd these features would be provided with no way of using them.

2nd2none, Jun 21, 6:17pm
The storage will be for pictures, video and audio files. As for accessing them, look for a folder icon to that effect, have one of these lying around in a survival kit for emergencies as the battery lasts forever and can remember you can access the files stored

rpvr, Jun 22, 8:12am
If photos are taken with the phone's camera, it stores them in a folder on the SD card. I can't find anywhere to change this setting.

nice_lady, Jun 22, 8:39am
The phone may not have sufficient internal storage to put photos anywhere other than the sd card.

rpvr, Jun 22, 9:54pm
There is 16Gb of storage in the phone. But I have discovered photos are saved to the SD card if there is one in the phone. If there isn't one, they are saved to the internal phone storage.

nice_lady, Jun 23, 10:51am
Are you sure there's 16gb storage on-board?
And if so that should be plenty.

rpvr, Jun 24, 8:15am
Sorry, it's the SD card that is 16 Gb. On board storage is showing at 68.4Mb. What confused me is the fact that if I connect the phone to the computer with the SD card in it, it shows the SD card as G and the onboard storage as H. If I then take the SD card out, it shows the onboard storage as G. But it does save photos to the onboard storage if no SD card, but if SD card is in it saves to that.

nice_lady, Oct 31, 7:12pm
With only 68Mb free onboard the phone I doubt you'll get too many photos saved on it. Anyway the camera is pretty low spec so that'll help in one way. As for your computer its simply presenting the connected storage as firstly G drive then H drive - y'know c,d,e,f,G,H

If you connect ONE external storage source it's allocating G to it
If you connect TWO external storage sources then the first it sees is G and the next is H.

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