Laptop recommendations please

lakeview3, Jan 27, 7:59pm
For general use for word docs for school and gaming (mine craft mainly) for young teen. Thanks in advance.

peanuts37, Jan 27, 8:21pm
Friend bought one of these over Christmas for school, set it up for her, seems OK, paid I think $499.

vtecintegra, Jan 27, 8:25pm
What's the budget?

If it's less than $1000 I'd say go second hand off-lease, most of the cheaper new stuff is utter rubbish

lakeview3, Jan 27, 8:51pm
any model recommendations? What if we were to spend more than $1000 (not saying we will but. )

lakeview3, Jan 27, 8:53pm
ok he is saying minimum 2.6 giga hertz so that one may not be enough for what he is after, thanks though

vtecintegra, Jan 27, 9:17pm
Processor clock speed is largely irrelevant - no reason whatsoever to make a hard cutoff at any particular speed

vtecintegra, Jan 27, 9:20pm
Depends on what size they want and what sore of graphics capability the system needs to play whatever games are desired.

Assuming this is more for work and less for play if smaller is better I'd be going for a Dell Latitude 7240/7250/7270 or HP EliteBook 820 G1/2/3 which are 12". If they want larger but less portable then Dell Latitude 7440/7450/7470 or HP EliteBook 840 G1/2/3 are the 14" versions of same.

lakeview3, Jan 27, 9:49pm
ok thanks for that, I will give this info to hubby and son who are researching it but may need some more advice! Appreciate the help thus far!

suicidemonkey, Jan 28, 1:03am
I'd also highly recommend the Elitebook line. Great laptops, you can often buy them off-lease for $500-600 still under the 3 year factory warranty.

king1, Jan 28, 11:45am
I don't know, it's very relevant if you're the schmuck who ended up with a 1.0Ghz AMD processor because you don't know any different.
I always tell folks minimum of 2.0GHz

king1, Jan 28, 11:49am
Global PC were selling one the other day
1.0GHz cpu , 32GB eMMC drive and 4GB ram. $479

I mean seriously, that would breach the cga fit for purpose provision out of the box because the drive is guaranteed to be full within a month

suicidemonkey, Jan 28, 12:07pm
Even some of the low-end 2GHz low voltage CPUs are absolute crap and can hardly run a modern OS, both AMD and Intel make a few. That's why clock speed isn't the best measurement to go by.

peanuts37, Jan 28, 12:12pm
Yep, stay away from the likes of HP Streams, after a month one I look after is full and wont install latest win10 and because of lack of space, only has MS Office and Chrome installed.

king1, Jan 28, 12:31pm
if you buy a laptop with a 1ghz processor it will be crap - its relevant, but not the only factor for sure

suicidemonkey, Jan 28, 12:54pm
Worth noting that you can buy laptops with a 1.1GHz ULV i5 CPU that are actually pretty decent.

There's also the Core M range (as seen in the Macbook), starting at 1.2GHz. Geekbench scores them equivalent to a 2015 dual core 2.7GHz i5.

So, clock speed really is irrelevant.

king1, Jan 28, 1:51pm
These are really exceptions to the rule though and not the norm. if they are actually any good it is probably because of a turbo mode.

lythande1, Jan 28, 2:09pm
Granddaughter has a refurbished Lenovo, Core i5, 4GB, 320GB HDD. All the usual connectors.
Wiped it and installed Linux Mint.
She has MInecraft as well as some other games, Libre Office, VLC, Firefox, Thunderbird, no security issues, no need for antivirus, firewalled, and browser firewalled.
Been happily using it since Xmas. She's 9.
Now all those who say Linux is so hard, I didn't have to show her anything, she's customised the appearance, added shortcuts, etc etc.

suicidemonkey, Jan 28, 2:10pm
Linux can be incredibly hard, or incredibly easy to use. Totally depends what distro you use.

lythande1, Jan 28, 2:11pm
Linux Mint Cinnamon.
Simple as.

king1, Feb 12, 8:41pm
the problem with linux becomes apparent when sh*t goes wrong.

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