HDD Partitions

b.chapman, Dec 21, 11:04am
I have successfully installed a SSD as my C: Boot drive. My old HDD was partitioned as C: and D: Using Win 7 disk management tools I formatted the old C: drive and expanded the old D: drive to occupy the whole disk. The OS recognises the drive as D: and all my data is intact.
BUT. looking at the disk picture it is described as a simple, dynamic NTFS drive. It appears as D: - 238Gb, a 4MB unallocated space, D: - 228Gb, another 4 Mb unallocated space and another 4 Mb unallocated space.
How do I absorb the three unallocated spaces into the volume?

vtecintegra, Dec 21, 11:11am
Why? You're not losing any significant amount of space

king1, Dec 21, 11:15am
dynamic suggests you have turned it into a soft raid volume of some description.
I would probably backup any data and delete all partitions, then create a new basic volume, format as ntfs and copy data back

nice_lady, Dec 21, 11:15am
Yeah. Or if you must, use some third party partitioning program they make things a bit easier sometimes. Easus for instance. Free and good.

b.chapman, Dec 21, 12:37pm
Thanks all. I might be a bit anal but I like to see things neat and tidy. Easus looks good.

pcmaster, Dec 21, 5:34pm
there's usually always a block of 8mb unallocated space on the end of a drive

ianab, Dec 21, 9:16pm
There is almost always a small chunk of disk that's never allocated, it's just the nature of the file format. I haven't gone into the exact details, but every multi-partition disk I've ever looked at has a few MB of unallocated space.

I look at it as being like a full filing cabinet, but you can still slip 3 more sheets of paper between the folders. Big deal.

Don't let your OCD create problems that aren't really there.

hakatere1, Dec 22, 10:56am
For sure.

black-heart, 5 days, 19 hours
Having meaningless partitions can be annoying, and probably will lead to one being full the other hardly used. Keeping it tidy isn't just OCD its practical.

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