Lte 4G modem i cant figure it out.

intrade, Mar 29, 11:26am

Kogan 4G Wi-Fi Home Router
Kogan Mobile Pre-Paid SIM Starter Pack

intrade, Mar 29, 11:28am
also shipping is from australia and then they claim no duty or extra to pay?
Also kogan seems to be some mobile phone provider in australia. Why do we get a sim starter pack in nz . am i missing something. or is it unlocked ynd you have to bin the sim card.

suicidemonkey, Mar 29, 11:38am
It's $95 so of course no duty. Duty/GST only starts at around $400.

Kogan is a huge brand in Aus.

And if it comes with a Kogan sim you'll obviously need to add your own.

All seems pretty straight forward?

black-heart, Mar 29, 11:54am
buy it and figure it out, report back results. we love your insights intrade.

intrade, Mar 29, 12:24pm
lol i actuarly seen a huawai one on the onehanglow sale site with a lable of orange on it. stated random markings and that it was unlocked .
orange is a european cell provider french swiss i am not sure if they got sold already.
The problem i see is if that thing is locked to kogan sim what then.

suicidemonkey, Mar 29, 1:09pm
Well it does say in the auction: "Compatible with all Australian/NZ 4G networks". So there's that.

intrade, Mar 29, 2:08pm
yes do you know how expensive data roaming is?

suicidemonkey, Mar 29, 3:40pm
um. then use an NZ sim. I'm not sure why this is difficult?

ross1970, Mar 31, 10:39pm
Don't beat around the bush, just come out and say what you mean .

suicidemonkey, Dec 30, 6:55am
Well that's not necessary

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