Phone / Internet issues

olwen, Apr 21, 6:52am
I've had on and off phone and internet issues recently.

Downgraded from VDSL to ADSL and Chorus did some work on the line, better speeds but still frequent short disconnections. Bought new ADSL router. On Thursday lost phone and internet for a few minutes.

Then yesterday internet speed dropped way down and lost altogether. Called Vodafone and they lodged a call to be fixed by late morning today. And between 10:30pm and 10:50pm last night it came right. Seems like a strange time.

I'm semi-rural, outside current fibre area, mixture of largish sections with vineyards close by.

Could it have been machinery someone was using? It seems a bit far-fetched to me, but so does Chorus fixing it in the middle of the night.

lythande1, Apr 21, 7:26am
Crap copper lines, water in lines, traffic, a combination of the above.

Why would you downgrade? ! Go back to VDSL.

nice_lady, Apr 21, 7:50am
Why ?

Did you do the process of elimination - Y'know - where you unplug all other devices in the house which connect to the telephone line and plug the modem directly into the socket without any kind of filters etc ?

olwen, Apr 21, 7:51am
They told me that the distance from the box made it unstable. The ADSL when they had worked on it was faster than I got with VDSL. And my new router is an ADSL one, not VDSL. (With a goldcard discount at Noel Leeming cost me about $40).

olwen, Apr 21, 7:58am
All those things in the past. Chorus climbed poles and replaced connectors, I lost the phone a few weeks ago and they did something in the box (that was the second Chorus visit). But yesterday's behaviour was strange.

I had one person tell me it was due to using wi-fi at home, (although I could connect to the router fine and see it was disconnected), so indulged them and used an ethernet cable (risking falling over it and breaking my neck).

I have had Chorus out here three times in the past few weeks. I was nearly in tears yesterday after having more issues.

The third Chorus visit they suggested replacing the router.

olwen, Apr 21, 9:11am
Speed on the line has dropped again and only static on the phone.

olwen, Apr 21, 9:13am

r.g.nixon, Apr 21, 9:24am
Do you have new(ish) filters for your phone(s)?

olwen, Apr 21, 9:45am
Yes. Bought about a week ago. Phone and internet vanished and came back in last half hour. Must look in the street for a Chorus man.

olwen, Apr 21, 9:54am
Went out to the street and there was a Chorus man. He has identified a cable fault and put me on a good pair. Says he doesn't know when the cable will be properly sorted.

Cable has been hit by lightening more than once he says. I knew of one major instance some years ago.

olwen, Apr 21, 10:11am
Found my picture of the hailstorm. It was 8 January 2014. Big hail, took photo, loaded it on Facebook, and bang! huge thunderclap, power went out. It took a couple of hours to fix the power and several days to fix the phone.

spyware, Apr 21, 12:04pm
And you should always have a master splitter/filter installed at ETP rather than using inline filters especially on poor lines. Chorus charge $299 though.

To blame the router is almost always nonsense - and always a guess anyway. Master splitter/filter should always be installed first to eliminate house wiring.

nice_lady, Apr 21, 12:09pm
Send them a bill for the router that was very poor advice.

olwen, Apr 21, 12:47pm
I asked about a splitter and was told it was unnecessary

olwen, Dec 17, 6:59am
I could have got a free router if I had accepted a new 12 month contract. It seemed to be slower to connect to the router, and I half suggested it.

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