Wifi on Buses

johnhb, Feb 15, 7:31pm
Several years ago, i caught a local bus in Fiji that happened to go round the main island. Nothing special, just an ordinary bus used predominantly it seemed by locals.

First thing I noticed however was- it had free wi-fi!

Driving through Auckland this afternoon I noticed a new double- decker bus and guess what. Free wi-fi again. !

Which made me wonder a/ how does wi-fi on a bus work? Do they use ?

king1, Feb 15, 9:22pm
A. yes data via cell phone network
B. different owners will see different value in it. for some it is a value added service to attract more patrons, other companies/owners won't see the value or don't make enough money to justify it. purely a business decision

vtecintegra, Feb 15, 9:48pm
Exactly. It's the same reason most but not all cafes and bars provide wifi.

lilyfield, Jan 28, 2:46am
Intercity and Mana Busses have it.

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