Can you reget Gmail messages?

paora-tm, Sep 6, 10:19pm
I use a pop email client to retrieve Gmail messages. TradeMe sent me a sales email which I either didn't receive or I accidentally deleted after receiving it. It's still on the Gmail server like all the rest - can I do something to retrieve it again?

tegretol, Sep 6, 10:49pm
In your email client, have you ticked the 'remove from server once popped down' box? If so, it's goneburger. If not, it's still there.

Highly likely that it's gone.

Are u using Thunderbird?

paora-tm, Sep 6, 11:08pm
It's still on the Gmail server, like I said. I thought if I marked the message as 'unread' that the pop client would see it as a message not already received - that didn't work.

greyman55, Sep 6, 11:47pm
Go to gmails web page and resend it or forward it to yourself then close the web page and open up your email client and you should receive it again

nice_lady, Sep 10, 2:17pm
Goto Gmail on the web page. If it's there you can re-send it. If it's not there it's gone.

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