Real world speed of spark wireless

ewanjs, Aug 14, 4:24pm
broadband vs standard copper wire ADSL , thinking of upgrading to wireless or is this a downgrade ? current speed 7mb down 1 mb up read all the reviews some say good others bad , small rural town so these are my 2 options would not think there are too many people on the cell tower and it is 4 G 700

nice_lady, Aug 14, 5:03pm
So grab a phone which has a spark sim, (your phone, a friends, someones), and hook into the data signal and run a speed test. it'll vary depending on the time of day possibly but it'll give you an indicator.

ewanjs, Aug 14, 5:18pm
Thanks for that sometimes the obvious answer is the one you cannot see

nice_lady, Aug 14, 5:26pm
Oh BTW skinny uses the Spark towers also

peanuts37, Aug 14, 5:49pm

ewanjs, Aug 14, 5:56pm
first test 3.47 down 4.52 up second test 21 down 9 up so will keep checking every few hours to see if its worth it

suicidemonkey, Aug 14, 6:05pm

That's the problem with wireless - it's less consistent and less reliable than wired.

peanuts37, Aug 14, 6:12pm
First run above was computer using Skinny 4g broadband, this run using phone using 4g+ data.

nice_lady, Aug 14, 6:18pm
eh ? Whats the difference ?
Your data connection is either 3G or 4G theres no such thing as 4g+ that I'm aware of ?

peanuts37, Aug 14, 6:23pm

peanuts37, Aug 14, 6:32pm
That's 2 years ago, quite common now, see the + in lots of places.

nice_lady, Aug 14, 9:05pm
Shit lol my phone shows 4g+ I just hadn't noticed. It's a tiny icon.

Oh yes. My speeds are all round 110 ish down.

mrfxit, Aug 15, 2:58pm

newbie5, Aug 16, 10:45am
with that speed it would be fibre wouldnt it

peanuts37, Aug 16, 10:41pm
No, cellular network but only some phones at moment.

johotech, Aug 16, 10:55pm

peanuts37, Aug 16, 11:03pm
5g cellular to come in next year or two 10-20 gigabits per second.

peanuts37, Aug 16, 11:57pm
Not very mobile which is what its all about to most people I know particularly the young. Don't see much of a future for fixed broadband. Talking to an installer a few months ago and his opinion was fiber could be redundant in 10 years like phone lines have gone. Costs rising as user numbers drop. He also said cheaper to use towers and cut the middle man out. Time will tell I guess.

spyware, Aug 17, 6:37am
Theoretical. Won't be here in next year, only start allocating the spectrum and planning towers. Spark 20 GBps throughput test was using 800 MHz worth of bandwidth. Typical 4G cell bandwidth is 20 MHz.

5G will be useless for most people. 3.5 GHz range is 3 km LoS. 26 GHz is 800 metres. 26 GHz has no ability to penetrate walls so would require roof mount antennas. Also drains phone battery very quick so need bigger battery.

Fibre to the home @ 10 Gbps is already deployed in many countries. 100 Gbps on horizon. Roll out not fast as entire NZ customer base for 10 Gbps is estimated at only 20,000. Who do you know with 10 Gbps switches and network cards. Would Enable even bother? as possible to get more expensive 10 Gbps service already from Chorus anyway.

spyware, Sep 22, 7:49am
In short 5G will be a non event for 99% of population. What would an installer know.

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