I have a couple of problems with an HP 8300 SFF,

sapper1, Aug 7, 3:49pm
that is not worth fixing. I want to pose a "silly" question. If I have another HP 8300 ("new") with the same specifications, same OS, can I change over my HDD, which includes all my documents, current OS, etc, into the "new " machine and reload the OS. Or, do I have to reload all my programmes and files again? Or, if I changed the motherboard as well as the HDD into the "new" pc, would it just operate as normal without rebooting? If it is a "silly" question, I apologise, I am ignorant of the inner workings of a computer.

king1, Aug 7, 4:10pm
for the first, the activation would probably fail. whether you reloaded the OS or not.
The second should work, might be considered a license breach since its not the 'original' machine but I cant see how the activation could detect essentially a cabinet and a PSU.

But If the original one is Windows 10 and logged in with a Microsoft (as against local) account you may well be able to get the digital licence to move to the new machine without reinstalling anything.

mrfxit, Aug 7, 4:41pm
Straight swapping 1 hdd between 2 identical computer models will work fine in most situations.
Just to be on the safe side, do the swap, DON'T connect to the internet, use the "new" computer to back up all your personal files to an external hdd & THEN connect the new computer & see how it goes online for a few days.

mrfxit, Aug 7, 4:42pm
If activation fails at that stage, use the 0800 MS number to reactivate it & say the hdd failed.

nice_lady, Aug 7, 4:46pm
If they are windows 7 you could most likely put one hdd into the 2nd machine and it'll boot fine and more than likely activation might throw a wobbly but if you ring Ms and tell them you've changed the motherboard that will usually satisfy them. Not too sure about win10 under the same circumstances MS might be kind or might not.

If both machines have the same operating system and it's win7 or possibly even win8/8.1 you could quite possibly just change the product key number after putting the hdd into the good box and you'll be away laughing.

I don't quite get what you are trying to achieve here - if as you say you could change the motherboard AND the hard drive into the new 'better' machine . well TBH that's most of what counts. Not quite making sense here. What EXACTLY is the issue with the current machine ? Cause if it's ram/psu why not just change them from the new to the older box ?


sapper1, Aug 7, 6:46pm
Thanks for that people. Both PC's are on Win 7 Pro OS. In answer to nice_lady, the reason for change? During a house shift the computer was dropped on it nose with the front panel being smashed, so instead of replacing the front panel and reassembling all the USB's, mic/audio and CD/DVD bits I decided to look at transferring the HDD's, etc., into the new machine.

nice_lady, Aug 7, 8:49pm
Take about an hour to swap motherboard and hard drive into the other machine and then you just turn it on and all will be fine - easy as!

muppet_slayer, Aug 7, 9:11pm
The old hard drive could have had a bad knock. Just be aware that the HDD in the machine that was dropped may now be faulty.

sapper1, Aug 11, 6:34pm
Thanks for that, the HD is fine, I have had it checked out and backed up just in case.

cookee_nz, Sep 24, 8:53am
If the HDD still has the original HP Windows installed it will work in the 'new' PC without any activation issues. If it has been reinstalled at some stage and is no longer the original HP image you may need to activate. I swap HDD's between identical HP products regularly and never had an issue. Sometimes brand-names have their advantages. You can tell if it's the original image by going to the system properties - original image will usually have the HP logo included.

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