Hotmail account deleted WTF!

hawat, Sep 7, 10:25am
Have tried to login to my hotmail account. Don't use it very often but I had stuff in there that I wanted to keep. But try for the life of me and the system kept transferring me through to outlook which put me through to my gmail account. I tried help and they were blardy hopeless. Didn't get to talk to a person just an automated thing. When I opted to talk to a person it kept directing me to my gmail account. Have just got through to another community help forum and one guy said that all hotmail accounts were deleted! HELP (please)

r.g.nixon, Sep 7, 10:35am

mrfxit, Sep 7, 11:57am
Hotmail has been closed for many years.
It's just that MS had a redirection order in place

thymewarp, Sep 7, 12:27pm
My hotmail account is fine I just logged into it.

nice_lady, Sep 7, 12:44pm
Dunno what type doing wrong but hotmail had nothing to do with Gmail they're different companies.

How exactly are you trying to acces hotmail.

king1, Sep 7, 1:04pm
Gmail could be the recovery address.

king1, Sep 7, 1:06pm
outlook is just new platform, sort of a rebranding of Hotmail
Hotmail email addresses are still valid

List the steps you take and error messages you get.
Then someone might be able to help

Your account hasn't been 'Deleted" - you have just lost access to it by the sounds of it.

mrfxit, Sep 7, 1:08pm
Google search "Can you still get a Hotmail account?"

Does Hotmail exist anymore?
Microsoft is moving all of its Hotmail users to by this summer. Here's what the hundreds of millions still using Hotmail need to know about the transition. Microsoft announced earlier this week that it is closing Hotmail and moving the "hundreds of millions" still using it to by this summer. Feb 22, 2013"

black-heart, Sep 7, 1:11pm
i can access my msn address at, and as others point out the same happened to hotmail. As long as you know the address and password it will allow you to login, there may be some security questions or prompts if its been inactive for a long time, but it is unlikely to have been deleted.

nice_lady, Sep 7, 3:43pm
Firstly you will NOT be 'redirected from hotmail to gmail' They are different companies. You need to detail the EXACT steps you are doing during the process of trying to get to your hotmail - and I mean the EXACT steps. We can't see your computer so tell us what you are doing, what you are clicking, and what EXACTLY happens. Including EXACT error messages.

Secondly 'nearly all Hotmail accounts' were NOT deleted. They simply changed the system and it now goes to basically Microsoft just changed the name, (and a few other things) but it's STILL your old hotmail account with all the old mail you have saved etc.

mrfxit, Sep 7, 5:18pm
Vodafone did it recently but took it a step further.
MS changed the access paths so that everything went to their new outlook mail servers including the new interface.
Those that didn't access their hotmail accounts on a regular basis, ended up having to do an "account recovery" to try & get back in (By "in" = the new look outlook server)

Vodafone removed public access to the mail servers & set up redirects to the customers choice of mail supplier

nice_lady, Sep 7, 9:13pm
Yeah Ms 'redirected' all hotmail requests to 'outlook' and confused a lot of people. But the OP says it's getting redirected to Gmail ?

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