Chromium won't play some videos

gtp, May 9, 3:57pm
I wonder if anybody can help please, I use several browsers but when I use chromium there are some videos it will not play, seems to play youtube OK. This morning I unchecked 'Hardware Acceleration' as a google search suggested but it has made no difference? Is there a simple fix?

OS Windows 10

black-heart, May 9, 5:42pm
what do you get an error?, black screen?, unicorns dancing?

ross1970, May 9, 5:59pm
Because one of the main differences between Chrome and Chromium is that Chromium lacks alot of the licensed codecs for proprietary video formats.

"AAC, H.264, and MP3 Support. Chrome includes licensed codecs for these proprietary media formats, giving you acess to a wider variety of media content?

gtp, May 9, 6:11pm
Thanks, No error messages, I get the video with the arrow button in the centre to click play and it just keeps reloading the same screen, doesn't play.

just_looking_, May 9, 6:12pm
Can you post a few sites that won't play?

Specific addresses would be nice.

gtp, May 9, 6:15pm
I am not too clued up on things, but I think what you are saying is that Chromium is not a full browser in regards to videos, is there any of adding the missing bits? Or would it be too much hassle for a run of the mill user?

gtp, May 9, 6:19pm

ross1970, May 9, 6:29pm
Yip, look at the bits that say "Google Chrome only"

gtp, May 9, 6:36pm
Thanks Ross1970, I guess I will have to be satisfied Chromium is doing all it was built for - I just thought there may have been something that needed 'fixing'

vtecintegra, May 9, 6:40pm
None of that stuff is free - the difference is with Chrome Google picks up the tab for the licensing costs (in return for your data)

black-heart, May 9, 6:49pm
I was hoping it was dancing unicorns.

gtp, May 10, 12:04pm
Thanks for everybody's input and help on this, much appreciated.

lythande1, May 11, 7:55am
Just install Chrome instead.

just_looking_, May 11, 12:56pm
Apologies for late reply (just busy).

Did you not download Chromium with Widevine linked in?

That version works with all the video links above.

gtp, Dec 1, 8:44pm
Cheers Just_Looking_ I installed that version and yes those videos now playing - so all good and many thanks

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