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mss2006, Mar 16, 6:09pm
My friend just brought a new laptop with win 10 from HN. She's not computer savvy and was convinced by the sales person it would be a good idea to buy this software for $400! My understanding is Windows defender that comes with Windows should be good enough to protect the computer from most nasties online.

Did she get ripped off? Your thoughts please.


trade_menow, Mar 16, 6:32pm
Yes she was ripped off - can be bought as cheap as $27.99 from mightyape or 79.99 from noel leeming
or 1 year of nod32 - 70.75

lilyfield, Mar 16, 6:33pm
she did not got ripped off, she simply got talked into something she did not need. Take knowledgeable person shopping with you,always my advice.

trade_menow, Mar 16, 6:34pm
$400 for trend micro is a rip off

gyrogearloose, Mar 16, 6:44pm
The last time I bought a laptop, the salesperson tried to give me a plastic tag that entitled me to a free copy of something or other anti-virus. Free! They were insulted when I wouldn't take it.

nice_lady, Mar 16, 7:13pm
At $400 that certainly is not a 'single device' licence. Maybe your friend needs to take a good hard look at what they've actually been sold. And hopefully they can take it back for a refund. And maybe they'll avoid a similar experience in future with whatever they buy.

trade_menow, Mar 16, 7:17pm
even on 4 devices for 2 years is only 199 - **** knows where $400 came from

Edited to add . 6 devices for 2 years comes in at 339.9 + hn markup . Maybe. but yeah . friend got ripped

nice_lady, Mar 16, 7:30pm
I'd be interested in the actual detail of the sales docket/invoice.

cube_guy, Mar 16, 7:52pm
Harveys sell a 10 device 3 year Trend product, it will be that. Calling things like this a ripoff is a bit strong though, the salesman did his job and sold something, and the person buying it said yes. In my experience with them though, some salespeople were more than happy to sell more than what is needed, or tried to take advantage of a customers lack of knowledge. It is what it is.

black-heart, Mar 16, 8:44pm
Trends so horrible to have on your PC too, makes it slow as hell.
Then again if your buying computers at a chainstore you probably deserve what you get.

csador, Mar 16, 9:58pm
certainly not cheap. I just paid $35 for a 5 device Bitdefender Internet Security license for 1yr

ianab, Mar 16, 10:01pm
The product isn't a ripoff, IF you have 10 devices. Selling it to someone with one laptop IS a ripoff.

A ~$100 licence should have covered them, or free AV and some common sense. But the sales guys are working for HN, not the customer. Upsell and they get a bigger bonus.

king1, Mar 16, 10:08pm
off the back of a truck pricing that is. I wonder what it will cost you next year.

mrfxit, Mar 19, 4:38pm
A simple Google search shows a wide variation in pricing between websites

king1, Mar 19, 4:41pm
I did a quick google search and I couldn't see it anywhere for that price, I didn't check any of the warez sites though

and I guess the point I was trying to make is that when it comes time for renewal you'll be back to normal pricing which looks like around 170/year unless they discount it

mrfxit, Mar 19, 4:56pm

mrfxit, Mar 19, 4:57pm
Here ya go
Bitdefender Total Security 2018 - 5 Devices - 1 Year - Multi Device

mrfxit, Mar 19, 5:32pm
But yea back on point.
YES, ripped off is 1 way to explain it but seriously misled would be correct.
HN head office need to know whats happened.

csador, Mar 19, 8:17pm
the same i suspect as it has done for the last few years. You just leave it until the last minute and they keep dropping the price

stormbird01, Mar 20, 1:02pm
Harvey Norman should give a refund for misinforming the person buying that laptop, they have been pushing that antivirus program for years.
It pays to shop around for the best deal

mr-word, Mar 20, 3:42pm
She paid for the "Trend Micro Home Network Security + 5 Devices 24 Months Maximum Security" =$478 It is unnecessary to pay for antivirus with windows 10 as there is defender and smart screen.

nice_lady, Mar 20, 7:01pm
Yeah not to mention the lady was only buying ONE pc. How the hell do people get bulldozed to the extent of a $400 purchase for software they don't need.

mr-word, Mar 20, 11:10pm
I think the problem is over-selling because of the need to get commission. There would be pressure to get the $$$. Why not get advice from computer savvy friends/family. Instead of buying expensive antivirus buy a backup hard drive.

mr-word, Mar 20, 11:21pm
As for paid antivirus and internet security ESET products are much more affordable.


The most expensive is a 1-5 license for $104.30+G.S.T

nzoomed, Mar 21, 12:02am
If they upsold ESET / NOD32, I would not be so worried lol, but they make way more commission on the other crap like Norton, Mcafee and Trend Micro.

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