Microsoft update has switched me

johnhb, May 5, 9:29pm
Using Firefox and I too have ended up with (unsolicited) Bing and a very slow PC. Took the advice above but when I tried to add Google, got a message that "the search plugin couldn't be installed because an engine with the same name already exists" or something. (the message was long and included a convoluted address that of course (#@!#) with such messages couldn't be copied and pasted!) I'm using Firefox and just want to have a machine with reasonable functionality that isn't as slow as a wet week! I too want to get Bing removed as a default search engine (everything was fine prior to that)

mcarky, May 5, 9:41pm
Sabotage from big brother MS - This is what we think you should have on your computer - no you don't get to choose.- We are smarter than you, Fair? who said anything about fair. This works on our onsite model it must work on your PC, if not your doing something wrong. I know its an automatic update but you must have done something. Frozen, no just wait, Oh 27 hours, again you must have done something. Oh windows 7 well then told you it was your fault. Oh the 10 as well, what did you do to that? Well then since you have messed up our automatic updates on two PCs you'll just have to replace them. . Did I tell you we have a special on surface pro books at the moment only . Just me letting off some steam before having a go at dealing with the big blue screen of death on my laptop.

lythande1, May 6, 8:29am
Of course. Windows tells you what you will use, that's not new, it tries to make you use Edge too.

Happily I no longer use Windows and haven't missed it at all.

loey, May 6, 10:16am
If using edge, first get google up as web page, then go to settings in edge and change default search engine. Google must be discovered first.

johnhb, May 12, 3:27pm
Any updates on how to get rid of Bing?

funho1, May 15, 8:30pm
to an 'MSN' / Bing default new tab
How do I find my old default tab & restore.
It had a set of 8 or 10 icons in two lines.

TIA Peter

funho1, May 15, 8:33pm
Icons of favourite viewing pages .

king1, May 15, 8:39pm
I doubt it was MS update - it's probably a fake MSN/Bing search, can usually tell by the web address
use adwcleaner should revert it

black-heart, May 15, 8:41pm
I beleive there are products that prompt to change your search engine to bing. I can't remember the name. but it was genuine MS.

therafter1, May 15, 9:17pm
What browser are you using?

funho1, May 16, 7:13am
I am using Explorer

therafter1, May 16, 10:28am
MS have indeed included an update that opens when you select a new tab. But your home page should still be your home page and you should only get the new MSM type page when you select a new tab. You would also have been offered an option to try it when it was first installed. It is customisable and I quite like it.

Have you at a look at what your home page should be in Tools - Internet Options - Home page.

In the same place you can get to choose Tabs - Change how web pages are displayed in tabs.

If your tool menu bar isn't displayed, right click in a blank area at the top of the page and put a check in the menu bar box.

funho1, May 16, 10:34am
Yeeha ! Thank you Mr Rafter.

funho1, May 16, 10:50am
And how do I get Bing removed as default search ?

therafter1, May 16, 12:50pm
If you are using your browser bar to search you are going to get Bing. MS own Bing, so it is unlikely that they are going to set up IE to enable users to use the opposition as a default lol.

Your best bet is to either go to your preferred search engine and add it to your favourites bar, your other option is to select a new tab and delete (x will show in top right corner of app icons already displayed) any that you may not use and change it to a preferred app/shortcut. You can click and drag them left or right to position them in preferred positions.

king1, May 16, 1:14pm

click 'add' next to google

therafter1, Dec 1, 7:05am
There ya go, that's handy, now I know to lol

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