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ally-oop, Dec 29, 2:14pm
And Ronaldo8 (And/or anyone else with good, educated advice), i started a thread in September, and I've decided to buy either a good laptop, and/or, as someone suggested, a tablet with a removable keyboard, and a chromecast. I really don't know much about the technical side if these things, but my requirements are the same as stated in sep, and just before I make a purchase/s, I'd like to fine-tune things a bit, including what I should look for in terms of minimum CPU, etc. (Along with the other requirements I listed, speed is REALLY important to me). T.i.a for any sound advice.

nice_lady, Dec 29, 2:30pm
So if I"m reading this correctly you want to buy EITHER a laptop OR a tablet with usb/removeable keyboard and a chromecast, (to go with the tablet ?).

List what you want to use the laptop/tablet for.
And a budget.
Otherwise people will only be guessing.

ally-oop, Dec 29, 2:45pm
I figured it would be quicker/more practical for people to peruse the various points in the thread from September by typing my username in 'Computing'.

Re the and/or, I guess I just want to get what's needed for my purposes. I'm really not the person to be stating much more than that (i.e I know what I want to achieve, I just don't know the best devices to best deliver it)(sounds a bit defeatist, I know, but I just happen to be a hands-on, practical person, with a keen interest in what technology can do for me, without having any natural interest IN said technology) :-)

nice_lady, Dec 29, 2:58pm
Why can't you just post a link to this old thread for us.

ally-oop, Dec 29, 3:01pm
Partly cos of my last point.

ally-oop, Dec 29, 3:02pm
Thanks a lot peanuts.

nice_lady, Dec 29, 3:24pm
Ok since peanuts posted the link I vaguely recall that thread now, (couldn't be bothered finding it myself). Anyway so,

You need to answer this:


king1, Dec 29, 3:27pm
that thread got off track in a big way - gave up reading after a few posts

nice_lady, Dec 29, 3:30pm
Exactly. So my post #8 repeats #2. I"m not asking again.

ally-oop, Dec 29, 3:34pm
Apart from the budget, I've answered those questions in today's post.

Budgetwise, I'm prepared to spend what it takes to end up with a good longterm, unfrustating (in terms of both hassles, and speed) result for my aforementioned needs. I guess it would also be good to get an idea of what I'd expect to pay for given cpu, etc, once that's established.
For what it's worth, I'm heading to PB Tech at the moment.
And sorry to sound so helpless, but it's really not my area of expertise, but in the past hour I've helped two separate sets of strangers with roadside car breakdowns, so hopefully I deserve some guidance from those who are knowledgeable in this topic :-)

ally-oop, Dec 29, 3:37pm
To be fair, the previous thread got off-topic, not due to a shortcoming of mine, more cos two posters were at crossed purposes with each other.

nice_lady, Dec 29, 3:44pm
Look - we don't know your 'needs' and it's a waste of time coming here and asking if you can't tell us at least *something* about what you're going to be doing with the device.

You say you want to buy EITHER a laptop OR a tablet with usb/removeable keyboard and a chromecast, (to go with the tablet ?).

So either a laptop
A tablet and chromecast ?
What are you going to do with a tablet and chromecast ?

What do you want to do with either the laptop or tablet ?
Cruise the internet ?
Email people ?
Write a book ?

Jeez don't tell me you've already stated this - I can't see it anywhere

trad, Dec 29, 4:05pm
Ally Oop I cannot see you getting much help with this here. You are expecting others to search for your requirements and then give you advice. How about putting some work in yourself here and giving us some precise detail on a machine you are interested in, or at least what you require the machine to do. That way you are showing willing to put effort in.

peanuts37, Dec 29, 4:06pm
That's why I stayed out of the other and this one

nice_lady, Dec 29, 4:09pm
Well as I've said

What are they wanting to DO with the machine ?
This can determine what they need.

Why the choices between a laptop and a tablet + chromecast ?
What's given the OP the idea those are viable ?

ally-oop, Dec 29, 4:24pm
I've run into a salesperson at PB Tech who seems to be able to advise well, but i need to get some info on my tv in the meantime. Thanks everyone.

nice_lady, Dec 29, 4:26pm
For chromecast if the tv has an hdmi input then it'll work. End of story.

king1, Dec 29, 5:14pm
Why do people expect detailed, 'fine-tuned' responses, yet are frugal if not downright evasive on the requirements? Hopefully PB Tech hire mind readers.

nice_lady, Dec 29, 5:31pm
Yeah TBH I'm sure WE could have 'fine tuned' some stuff for them - IF they'd helped us to help them !

Ah well.

ally-oop, Dec 29, 6:35pm
For those who got upset at the percieved lack of spoonfeeding, here is the very first post on my original thread -it took approx 4 seconds to locate.
"there other significant pros/cons of either? (for a single user, prepared to pay a reasonable amount, and who pretty much surfs the 'net, posts on facebook, watches youtube videos, (doesn't do ANY gaming or accounting), but does want to use the computer for connecting with my smart tv for said videos, etc And how is the best way to get good value for the spend (i.e big box store/big computer only chain/small computer store/used/refurbished, etc)?
T.i.a for any educated advice."

nice_lady, Dec 29, 6:40pm
Then good manners to those who offer Free assistance would surely dictate that it would only have taken you 4 and a bit seconds to post that into this thread about 19 posts ago when I asked ?

Pretty much ANY computer will handle 'net, posts, on facebook, youtube'. your choices should be dictated by your budget and the simple fact that higher spec of course offers a better user experience.

You still haven't really mentioned your budget.

gammelvind, Dec 29, 6:44pm
Wow that was a mind numbing thread, reminds me of some vague customers when I managed a cell phone store. Relatively easy to sell them ?

king1, Dec 29, 6:55pm
its providing needed information as required for people (whom YOU have asked for advice) to make an informed response - buggered if I was going to read an entire thread of dribble looking for your requirements when it should have been provided in the first place.

yes the first post contained some information, but who knows if outcomes/refinements/changes have been made subsequently.

ally-oop, Dec 29, 6:58pm
It also would have taken YOU 4 seconds (significantly less less time than you spent repeatedly asking for info that I'd given very simple directions to), and within that thread was some more pertinent info re my needs.
I also alluded directly to the fact that I wasn't constrained by a budget, and was prepared to spend what it cost to achieve what suited best.
(And of course pretty much any computer will handle x, y, and z, but when you don't need any z, you can often get more/faster x and y, and so on, hence my clearly stating such).

ally-oop, Dec 29, 6:59pm
Of course I would have mentioned any significant changes in such.

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